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It seems like we are constantly creating new accounts on various social media platforms and shopping websites. And with every new account comes another password we have to memorize. Most people simply reuse their passwords from different accounts, while others stick to simple passwords that can be easily remembered. While this might seem like the right thing to do, this actually puts your accounts and private information in jeopardy. Thankfully, password managers were created to avoid this. With that in mind, we are going to highlight the best password manager for windows.

To discover the windows best password manager we have taken the time to test various solutions, comparing the features they offer and ranking them according to our review process. All of this work is to ensure you have the right information to answer what is the best password manager for windows 10.

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This article was last updated on 23 April 2024

Best Password Manager for Windows in 2024

There are numerous password managers available on the market. And while they all do the same job, they tend to vary widely with regards to compatibility, storage limits, functionality, and most importantly, security. With this in mind, we used the following criteria to select our picks for the windows best password manager.

Choosing the Best Password Manager for Windows


The simple fact is that storing your password in a password manager is a lot more secure than writing it down on a piece of paper—so long as the password manager you select has the latest security standards. To this end, the best windows password manager must have the latest encryption standard available such as 256-bit AES with PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA512. It should also include other pertinent security features that work to keep your personal information secure.


Most password managers work to stand out from the pack by providing extra features, a few of which are common sense –such as a password generator –while others offer convenience for some users like password sharing features with colleagues and family members.

best windows password manager


Considering that this article is about finding the best password manager windows, the password managers highlighted in this list are compatible with Windows devices. Nevertheless, considering that numerous Windows users also have devices with other operating systems, the best password manager for windows should also have the capability to sync passwords across registered devices. This article highlights password managers that also work on other operating systems to provide maximum device compatibility.


Usability is an important factor when considering a password manager. The best windows password manage is one that provides an easy user experience, intuitive interfaces, cross-platform support and of course, secure browser extensions. The windows best password manager is one that also offers personal and family plans.

Customer Support

It is important that any piece of software you get is easy to understand; however, what do you do when you run into an issue? Most of us simply head over the product’s website and troubleshoot our problems using the useful FAQs section. When that fails, we get into contact with customer support to provide us with a solution.

The best password manager windows come with useful FAQs, chat forums, and knowledge bases to make it easier for users to locate the answers they need.


If you notice, price is not a factor we’ve considered when trying to find the best password manager for windows. The reason for this is that there are a wide variety of plans to select from, all with different price points.

It is much better to concentrate on the value each individual plan provides. For instance, you cannot compare a personal plan with a family or colleague’s plan. The value you get from your password manager will depend on the features it comes with. The best windows password manager will come with reasonably priced plans that fit almost every budget. Some even come with money-back guarantees or free trial periods.

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Why you should use a Password Manager

You might wonder why you need a password manager. The following are a couple of reasons why a windows best password manager is right for you:

The numbers are not in your favour

Almost every website today requires an account and every account requires a password. All of these accounts can add up. Imagine trying to remember the password to tens or hundreds of accounts. You could circumvent this by using the same password on your accounts, however, that is a major security risk.

To ensure you are protected, you need to use different passwords for each account. With so many passwords, it can be difficult to remember them and this is another reason why you need a password manager.

If your password are too simple

This is perhaps the biggest reason among others. If you are using easily-remembered passwords such as password1234 or password, then you could be at risk of your information and account being stolen. The reason for this is that basic passwords are a lot easier to hack. All a nefarious actor needs is the right tools and enough patience to crack your password in minutes.

windows best password manager

Due to this, it is important that you make your passwords difficult to remember. A password that is difficult to remember is difficult to hack so you will need somewhere secure to store it; therein lies the benefit of a password manager. Having somewhere to securely store all your hard-to-remember passwords can make logging into your accounts a seamless process.

The best password managers come with random password generators

Since the best passwords are often the most complicated ones, you shouldn’t attempt to come up with complex passwords by yourself. You will eventually end up with versions of your usual passwords. Rather, you should use the best windows password manager that comes with a random password generator to help you create extremely complicated passwords.

As a feature, some of the windows best password mangers let you set just how complicated you want your passwords to be. With a random password generator, you can create passwords that are 20 random characters long. You can also create random, unpronounceable phrases. Using the tools at your disposal can help you create a strong and complicated password.

With a password manager windows you simply need to remember one password

When you use a password manager, you only need to remember a single password. This password will be the one that provides you access to your stored passwords. With the best windows password manager, you simply don’t have to be concerned about remembering numerous complicated passwords.

You simply log into the windows best password manager using your single password and you are granted access to the password vault. This single password also doesn’t have to be overly complicated. It just has to be not obvious.

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Free password manager windows offer only basic protection 

If you are reading this, you are undoubtedly interested in the best windows password manager. There are various price ranges when it comes to password managers. And since some are a little on the high side, you might feel inclined to go for a free password manager.

This might seem like a great decision considering all password managers basically have the same function, and that is to store and manage your passwords. However, you might want to steer clear of free password managers.

The reason for this is that free password managers only offer rudimentary protection, compared to the windows best password manager. You are less likely to get the latest encryption software protecting your password on a free password manager, as its creators are not inclined to do more.

password manager windows

Furthermore, there are various limitations you have to worry about. Free password managers are typically for one person alone and they may lack features such as device syncing and password sharing, which can be important in today’s world.

Password manager windows offer the best protection, using the latest encryption and offering important features such as a random password generator, browser extensions, and more.

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Setting up a password manager on your device

The process of setting up your password manager is actually quite easy. The first step would be to head to the site of the best password manager for windows and then create an account.

  • After you have created your account, you can then download and install the best windows password manager browser extension.
  • Once the extension has been installed, you can log into it using the account information you created on the password manager windows website, and you are set.

When it comes to using the best windows password manager, the process is simple. Depending on the password manager you choose, there are two ways to add your accounts and passwords to it. You can do so automatically or manually.

Manually, you can simply head to the windows best password manager and manually enter the account information, website and password into the vault.

  • Automatically, you can simply head over to a website you need to log into or sign up.
  • Enter your account information.
  • And the browser extension on your password manager windows will automatically recognize that you are attempting to log in or sign up to a website.
  • Once it does this, it will prompt you if you want to add this account information to your vault.

Once your account information is stored in the windows best password manager, the next time you head to a website is get prompted to login, you will be asked by the password manager windows if you want to put in the saved information.

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Conclusion on password manager windows

Yes, using the best password manager for windows tends to add a couple of steps to your log-in process, however, these additional steps are worth it if you are serious about your security and data. Continuing to use simple passwords puts you at risk of data theft.

The best windows password manager provides a secure place for you to store your passwords as well as create long and complicated passwords that are difficult to crack.  To this end, you need to use the number 1 password manager, 1Password as it offers important features such as a random password generator, browser extensions, and device syncing.

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