Can you watch Netflix abroad? Unblock UK Netflix with This Guide in 2021

You have probably wondered this question out loud while on holiday. And don’t get me wrong, travelling abroad is fun because you get to see new sights that you’ve never seen before. However, there are times when you just want to sit down and catch up on your favourite movies and TV shows. And to your horror, you can’t find it on Netflix! You begin to ask yourself can I watch uk netflix abroad? Well, that’s down to TV shows and movies. It differs in each country, and it shouldn’t be our fault that it’s restricted in different places. When you ask yourself, “Can I watch Netflix abroad or can I watch netflix overseas?” Sure you can! This website will help you get through those restrictions and unblock Netflix content using a Netflix UK-VPN.

How to watch Netflix abroad?

Simple as pie! Use ExpressVPN, the best VPN out there to unblock Netflix overseas.

“Can I watch Netflix abroad?”

If you look it up online, you’ll see complicated articles with unfamiliar terminologies explaining why certain films and Netflix content can’t be streamed outside the United Kingdom. Simply put, it is because Netflix only bought the film from its producers to be streamed within the UK only. They didn’t buy the rights to stream it to other countries, such as South America or Asia. So if you’re not accessing Netflix in UK or Europe, don’t expect to find that movie or show anywhere else. However, you’ll be able to access the library from the country you’re in.

So if you’re on a trip to Japan and you open your Netflix subscription, you’ll see — surprise! — Japanese TV shows and movies. If that’s your thing, then go watch it. But if you want to access your local favourites, here’s the answer to “can I watch Netflix abroad or can I watch netflix overseas?”, “can you watch netflix abroad” and “can I use my Netflix account overseas” and watch UK Netflix abroad. Also, you and your friends can do Netflix party movies when you install the extension to watch it online together.

“What is a Netflix UK VPN and how does it work?”

Good news: you can unblock UK Netflix with a VPN. Yes, you heard it right, you can watch Netflix overseas with a VPN. Specifically using a Netflix UK-VPN. Maybe you’re thinking, it’s too much of a trouble to subscribe to a VPN and install the software. I’ll just download it from torrent websites. You can, but you’ll be facing serious legal issues. You don’t know what the cybercrime policies are in the country you’re staying. Would you really risk your freedom just to illegally watch a show? I’m sure you don’t. So here’s a 100% legal solution to your problem.

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A VPN, or virtual private network, is a software that manages the data that you send and receive (thus answering your question to can you watch netflix abroad or can you watch netflix overseas). Instead of using your ISP’s network, you’ll be using the VPN’s server located in the UK. This way, your IP address will appear to be from the UK, allowing you to access its library as if you’re in the comfort of your own home.

“How much will it cost to use Netflix-UK VPN?”

Each VPN service varies in price, but it’s not expensive enough to burn a hole through your wallet. A standard plan will cost about £5 to £10 per month. A one month plan would cost more while getting a subscription for 6 months or more will give you up to 50% discount.

There are free VPN services out there to watch netflixx abroad, however, I don’t recommend using them. Some free VPNs could keep logs of your data and sell them to third parties, or hand them over to the authorities. Or their speed will be too slow for video streaming. I suggest investing in a VPN because there are so many benefits packed in a single software.

“Aside from watching Netflix abroad, what more can it do?”

There is actually a lot you can do. So no need to limit yourself, asking questions such as “can i watch uk netflix abroad?”. As I said, a VPN is an investment that you can use to protect yourself online. Whether you’re back home in the UK or globetrotting to different continents, as long as you’re using the internet, you need a VPN.

First, a VPN increases your security on the internet. Since you’ll be using the VPN’s server, nobody else (including your ISP, the government, and hackers) can see your data. Most VPNs use military-grade encryption so not even the VPN service itself can’t access it. Now you can break free from your annoying ISP that intentionally slows down your connection whenever you’re streaming, downloading, or playing online games.

“Is it really safe to use?”

Absolutely. I only review VPN services and VPNs for Netflix that keep no logs of their customer’s data. VPN services are a great tool to fight against surveillance and online censorship. These companies value your privacy and security as much as you do. Additionally, large companies also use VPN software to securely connect their employees to the company network when they’re away from the office.

“What is the best VPN so I can watch Netflix overseas?”

So I’ve given you an answer to can I watch Netflix abroad or can I watch netflix overseas? Here are the VPN services and VPNs for Netflix that I ranked as the best VPN brands out there today. These services are simple and easy to use because not everyone is a techie. Second, these brands have the best download speeds for streaming HD videos, especially when trying to watch British Netflix abroad. You can sit back and watch uninterrupted with an unthrottled internet connection without asking “can you watch netflix abroad or can I watch uk netflix abroad”. Lastly, these VPN services give you value for your money. Aside from being discounted, their plans and packages are affordable and packed with features. Just remember, that in order to watch your favourite shows from the UK, you’ll have to specifically be using a Netflix-UK VPN.

“What is cross-border compatibility?”

In April 2018, Europe implemented a new regulation on cross-border portability of online services. This means that if you registered to Netflix in the UK, you’ll still be able to access the UK library. However, you won’t be able to access the local library in the location you’re in. And you can’t reverse this problem even with a VPN. Here’s the pressing question of can I watch Netflix abroad again!

The solution? Create an American account so you’ll be able to access any European library since American accounts are included in this regulation.

Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service and make sure it has an American server.
  2. Connect to a server located in the US.
  3. Go to the Netflix website.
  4. Register with a new email address.
  5. Enter a US zip code.
  6. Enter your credit card details.
  7. Start watching any library with your US account!

“How to get UK Netflix?”

If you want a US account with no restrictions, follow the instructions above. But if you want a regular account using Netflix-UK VPN, there’s a simple solution to that too. Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to watch Netflix abroad with a VPN.

  1. Choose a VPN service from the list above.
  2. Go to their official website by clicking the button beside it.
  3. Create an account and subscribe to the service.
  4. Download, install and launch the software.
  5. Select a server located in the UK.
  6. Make sure the VPN is running before opening your browser.
  7. Go to Netflix’s official website and log in.

And that’s how you watch Netflix abroad! With a Netflix-UK VPN, you’ll be able to watch UK Netflix abroad and always be able to say yes to anyone asking “can I watch Netflix abroad? or can you watch netflix abroad”


With the information above, answering the “can i watch uk netflix abroad? or can you watch netflix abroad” becomes a no-brainer. All you need to do is get a VPN and before you know it, you can catch up with all of your wonderful shows, no matter where you are in the world. Simply put, with a VPN, no more asking can you watch Netflix abroad, you simply get to it.

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