The Best iOS Password Manager in 2024

Almost every day we open a new social media, shopping website, or email account. Trying to remember all that information can be daunting. If only there was a way to keep all your password safely in one place. Most people tend to simply reuse their passwords, however, there is a much more safer and effective way, password managers. Continue to read to discover the Best iOS Password Manager in 2024.

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This article was last updated on 18 June 2024

Best Password Manager for iOS

Selecting the best iOS password manager means taking the time to scour the internet, since there are a plethora of password managers online. While all of these do the same job, they can vary in terms of storage limits, compatibility, security, and functionality. With that in mind, we used the criterial below to rank the best password manager iOS.

Choosing the Best Password Manager in 2024

Security (safety and transparency)

When trying to find the best iOS password manager, you need to ensure that its security is the top notch one available. If not, you are simply finding a high tech way to write your password on a piece of paper. The best iOS password managers have the latest security features and standards. The best iOS password manager has encryption standards such as the 256-bit AES.


While the main job of a password manager is to secure your password, there is nothing wrong with having a little more functionality. The best password manager iOS is one that comes with features such as password sharing, password generator, online syncing and a lot more.


While we are interested in highlighting the best iOS password manager, it still goes without saying that compatibility is an important feature. It is one thing to have a password manager that works for iOS, it is another to have that same password manager function on other operating systems.

The best password manager iOS is one that has the capacity to sync passwords across various operating systems seamlessly.

best ios password manager

Usability (ease of use)

Usability in an integral factor that’s everyone must look out for when searching for the best iOS password keeper. The best password manager iOS is one that offers an easy user experience, secure password generator, intuitive interface and synchronisation capability.

The best password manager iOS is one that also provides family and personal plans.

Customer Support

Customer support is especially important when it comes to password manager apps. You should be able to understand any piece of software you get and a password manager is not left out.

The best iOS password manager comes with a useful FAQ section, knowledge bases, useful forums and simple yet effective ways to communicate with customer support.


If you notice, this criteria focuses on value, rather than price as you really can’t put a price on the best password manager iOS. The reason for this is because, password manager apps are available in various price tiers.

The best iOS password managers are those that provide the latest security features, sync capabilities and compatibility at a decent value. It doesn’t quite make sense paying over the odds for a password manager that does the bare minimum. The price you pay for the best password manager iOS needs to be reflected in the features and other things you get from the password manager iOS free.

It is even possible that the best iOS password managers or best password manager ios free come with free trials and even money-back guarantees where you can try out the service for a limited time at no additional cost to you

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Why You Should Use a Password Manager

It is easy to believe that you don’t need a password manager. Nevertheless, there are various benefits associated with using the best password manager iOS.

The simple fact is every day there is a new account to open that means another password to remember. This can be a lot. Getting a password manager app iOS helps to alleviate all of that. With a top iOS password manager you don’t have to worry about trying to remember the passwords to all of your account. Furthermore, you don’t fall into the trap of using the same password for all of your accounts, which can be a serious security risk.

ios password manager

The most effective way to keep your passwords secure is to use different passwords for your accounts. Having the best password manager iOS can help you keep track of all of them.

Another reason why you need the best iOS password manager is to help you generate stronger passwords. This is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of having a password manager. You get a password generator that helps you create the most secure passwords available. Secure passwords can help you make it harder for nefarious actors to hack into your accounts and steal your private information.

The best iOS password managers, best password manager app ios, or best password app ios come with random password generators that ensure your passwords are hard to crack. Trying to create a difficult password for yourself is difficult. Either the password is too simple, or it is too complicated and you are unlikely to remember all of it.

With an iOS password manager, you get to avoid all of that by creating a complex password that you can access with just one password.

As a feature, some of the best iOS password managers leave it up to you to select how complicated your password is. Thanks to a random password generator feature available on the best password manager iOS, you can create a password that is full of 20 random characters. You also have the opportunity to create random, undecipherable phrases, that you can store safely.

Another benefit of the best iOS password managers is that you only need to remember one password. When you use a password manager, you really only have to worry about remembering a single password, compared to when you go it alone without a password manager.

The best password manager enables you to simply remember just one password, without concerning yourself with others. All you have to do is log on to your password manager and that is it. Furthermore, your single password doesn’t even have to be complicated.

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Free Password Manager Offers Only Basic Protection

If you have been reading this, then you are no doubt interested in getting a password manager. Seeing how useful it is, you might be convinced to get a free password manager, but that would be the wrong move.

best password manager ios

You might get put off by somewhat high prices associated with top iOS password managers, but that doesn’t mean you should go for free ones. In fact, you need to steer clear of free password managers as they typically only offer basic protection. What this means is that you are less likely to get the very best and latest security features and encryption, which means your passwords are a lot more vulnerable to nefarious actors.

Moreover, the creators of free password managers are less inclined to create a product with the latest features. This means you will miss out on important features such as browser extensions, active password sharing, syncing, and of course, a random password generator.

Setting up a Password Manager on Your Device

The process involved in setting up the best iOS password manager is quite easy. What you need to do first is to head over to the best password manager on iOS. There are two ways you can do this. You can either go through the app store to download your best iOS password keeper, or go online directly to the site. At the site, iOS will redirect you to the App Store anyway.

best ios password managers

Once there, download the app and wait for it to install.

As soon as it has been installed, you will be asked to create an account, if you don’t have one already.

You will then be asked to select a plan that best suits your needs. Once you make payment, then your subscription is active.

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Yes, being able to simply remember one password instead of dozens can be quite helpful. And while you add a few more stages to your typical log-in process, it is actually worth it. If you are truly serious about protecting your data and security, then you really need to consider using the very best iOS password managers.

Not choosing to use a password manager means putting your information and passwords at risk of data theft. The best iOS password managers provide you with a safe and secure place to keep your passwords. You also get the ability to create truly random passwords that are complicated as they are long.

If all of this excites you, then you have no choice but to select the very best iOS password managers. Want the best? Then look no further than 1Password.

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