What Is The Best Antivirus For Mac In 2024?

Your Mac computer can be quite susceptible to various dangerous spyware, viruses and forms of malware. These infections have been shown to not only slow down your Mac’s performance but also pose a significant threat to your online and financial identity. This is why it is imperative that your operating system is equipped with the best antivirus for mac. While this is an important piece of software that provides antivirus protection and malware protection, trying to find the best antivirus for MacBook or best antivirus mac can be an extremely daunting task considering there are only a handful of options compatible with Mac.

To aid you in this, we have decided to research and create a list of the Best antivirus software for mac, ensuring that you only download the best antivirus program for mac.

Nevertheless, before showing you the list of the best antivirus software for mac, we have to explain how we curated our list of the best antivirus malware for mac as well as why choosing software that protects your Mac is important.

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This article was last updated on 11 June 2024

The Best Antivirus for Mac

As stated earlier, finding the best mac antivirus software can be quite challenging as most of the options you come across are only compatible with Windows operating system. This can cause some Mac users to pick the next available antivirus product, which could in turn cause more harm than expected.

To help you avoid this, we took the time to test numerous solutions, comparing them against one another. The comparison process resulted in this list where we have ranked the providers according to how well they performed in our review process.

The Best Mac Antivirus Softwares are:

Choosing the Best Malware Protection

When it comes to finding the best antivirus anti malware for mac, there are a few factors you need to consider:


The first factor you need to consider is the level of protection a top antivirus for mac computers provides. The world is always changing, with new cybersecurity threats popping up, almost every day.  These threats can seamlessly infiltrate your operating system within a few seconds. Having a robust security suite in form of the best mac antivirus software.

best antivirus for mac

You want something that is constantly monitoring your activity whilst also being able to detect malware in real time. It is important that the top antivirus for mac provides protection from malware, adware, trojan horse virus and spyware.


Malware is basically any program that has nefarious effects on your operating system. This means the software has been designed to wreak havoc. Unfortunately, using the internet comes with the danger of potentially ending up with a malware program. The best antivirus and malware for mac is one that can seamlessly look out for these nefarious programs.


Adware is another form of malware which essentially integrates advertising into your computer. These adverts typically appear when you are doing something and they can’t be deleted without best antivirus for mac.


Spyware is not only another frustrating type of malware, it also has the ability to be dangerous and insidious to your personal information and computer. Once your computer is infected with spyware, it then becomes activated trolling your shopping websites and other special sites for your personal information such as a social security number of credit card information. This information, when placed in the hands of a nefarious party can be disastrous for you. The best antivirus software for mac or best antivirus for mac protects you from that.

Trojan Horse Virus

Adware and spyware infiltrate your system via trojan horse viruses, however, there are some trojan horse viruses that have been designed to corrupt code, destroy files and do any random damage to mac computers.

The best antivirus malware software for MacBook is one that can seamlessly defend against these options. This also ties into the next point, when searching for the best mac antivirus.

Effectiveness at detecting threats

The best mac antivirus is one that can continually detect threats. Since malware is constantly being created, it is imperative that the best paid antivirus for mac is capable of handling these new threats. Additionally, malware detection is only great when the system is able to automatically detect it as soon as it arrives on your operating system. Software that detects malware weeks or months after it has infiltrated your system is no good to anyone. The best antivirus software for mac is one provides real time detection.

System impact

Another aspect you need to consider when selecting the best antivirus and vpn for mac is how much of an impact the software has on your system. Seeing as malware is usually hidden till it becomes noticeable, you want your chosen security suite to be able to combat it without placing a drain on your system. There is no point getting antimalware software on your mac if it begins to negatively impact your system like the malware its supposed to protect you from would. The best mac antivirus software is one that works with your system not against it.

best mac antivirus

Extra Features

When it comes to extra features, the best antivirus for MacBook is typically one has other supplementary properties. For one, apart from having antivirus and antimalware protection, some like Kaspersky internet security for mac offer added features such as anti-phishing, privacy tools, home protection, smart VPN, malicious link detector, custom hardened browser and more.

Usability/Interface (Ease of Use)

Usability is an important factor in getting the very best antivirus software for mac. The interface should be user-friendly with various clear and understandable instructions. The interface should also be navigable, with the options and features not hidden under hard to understand menus.


The price point of the best antivirus for mac is a feature that most people tend to consider first. While there is nothing bad in doing this, focusing too much on the price could cause you to short change yourself, especially on the features available. The most effective way to consider price is to determine if you are getting great value for your money. This means the price you pay for your antivirus product should correlate with the features available, the detection rates, customer support and more.

Customer support

Speaking of customer support, the best mac antivirus software lets you seamlessly reach knowledgeable staff the moment you are faced with an issue. The help should be responsive, accessible and professional.

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Why you should use Antivirus?

Having the best antivirus software for MacBook is an integral investment as it can help you avoid the infiltration of malware, spyware, ransomware and any other unwanted programs. There was a time when people believed that security suites such as Norton 360 Deluxe and Bitdefender antivirus for mac were unnecessary as macs didn’t get viruses or malware. However, the growth of malicious software for Mac is even more than what Windows pcs face today.

Having a top antivirus for mac can help protect you against scams and phishing. The best antivirus software for mac comes with built in protection tools like a dedicated browser to block out malicious sites.

best antivirus software for mac

You can also use the best antivirus and malware for mac to protect your privacy from malware attack. The advanced security suites can offer various layers of protection such as dark web monitoring, and VPN services. Installing can help avoid the potential data risks associated with malware attacks which in turn reduce the risk of identity theft.

Free Anti-Malware offers only basic protection

If for some reason the top 10 antivirus for mac is out of your reach, you could still be protected by using a free antivirus software. There are some free security suites that offer real time protection from spyware, ransomware and malware. They can also include password manager, clean up services and VPN features.

However, it is important that you temper your expectations when using free anti-malware. This is because you are unlikely to get the full protection you can expect from a premium service. Additionally, the free anti-malware will offer features that have limitations on them.

The most important thing to remember when getting free antimalware protection is that there are a plethora of untrustworthy antivirus programs masquerading as free software only to distribute malware. To avoid this, you should get paid antivirus protection. However, if this isn’t possible, it is essential your free anti-malware is derived from reputable sources.

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Setting up an anti malware on your device 

  1. Use Safari to go to Malwarebytes website, the best mac antivirus software.
  2. Navigate to the download section of the website and select the download button or icon. The file is then downloaded to the Downloads folder
  3. Click the Downloads button located in the top right corner of Safari. Mount the file by double-clicking on it.
  4. Once the disk is mounted, a window will pop up enabling you to drag the Malwarebytes icon to the Applications folder. This process installs the app.
  5. Once this is done, you can launch the Malwarebytes from the Applications folder. A warning dialog box will appear with 3 options, select Open.
  6. With the Malwarebytes app open, you might be asked to download the latest malware signatures. As soon as this is done, select the Scan button to scan for malware on your system.


Finding the best mac antivirus software can be daunting, however, with this article you should have no problem finding one that is able to provide features such as real-time detection, password managers, even VPN services. If all these features and more entice you, then you need not look any further than Malwarebytes, which ranked #1 in our comparison test. What are you waiting for? Stay protected with Malwarebytes.

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