Torrenting With ExpressVPN: Our Complete Guide in 2024

If you are reading this, you are no doubt interested in how you can enjoy torrenting with ExpressVPN. Torrenting enables you to download content like games, software, and movies. However, with torrenting comes the risk of having your location or identity being leaked. Fortunately, you can use a VPN to help you mask all of that. Here’s our guide on how to safely download Torrents with ExpressVPN.

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This article was last updated on 16 July 2024

Does ExpressVPN work with Torrents?

When talking about Express VPN and torrenting, the great thing about ExpressVPN is that it works perfectly with torrenting. When you combine Express VPN and torrenting, you can be sure that you don’t have to worry about your personal information getting leaked. You can also be sure that you get the fastest speeds available when torrenting.

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Is ExpressVPN safe for torrenting?

ExpressVPN is safe for torrenting as ExpressVPN comes with a host of security features that not only protect your traffic from other nefarious actors. Furthermore, torrenting with ExpressVPN is great as you get fast download speeds, high encryption strength, and unrestricted P2P traffic which ensures you can download torrents safely.

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Why ExpressVPN Is Great for Torrenting

If you’re looking for a VPN that can keep you safe and secure when torrenting, ExpressVPN is a solid choice. This provider offers fast speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and a variety of protocols to choose from which makes ExpressVPN torrenting or torrenting with ExpressVPN a good decision and make.

If you’re not sure if torrenting with ExpressVPN is right for you, take a look at these reasons why it’s great for torrenting. This section of the article aims to highlight all the many features that make.

Unlimited Bandwidth

ExpressVPN by design has been created to provide unlimited bandwidth on all its plans. What this means is that when you use ExpressVPN you can be sure that there are no limits placed by your ISP on torrenting. This is because ExpressVPN has been created to bypass all of that providing you with the right speed and connections to ensure you have no issues when downloading torrents.

No Server Restrictions

Unlike other VPN providers that tend to place restrictions on the types of servers available to certain customers, ExpressVPN p2p servers are available to every customer, regardless of their subscription plan. What this means is that all the servers of this VPN service are available for use.

Ultra-Fast Speeds

One of the top features of ExpressVPN torrenting is its speed. ExpressVPN works by providing the best speeds to all of its subscribers. While some VPN providers might include tiered speeds based on the available plans, ExpressVPN doesn’t do such. 

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It also helps that this VPN provider has features that help boost your internet connection ensuring that you get the very best speeds regardless of what you are doing online at the moment. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, ExpressVPN has features that guarantee fast speeds even for long-distance connections. 

Fort the most part, the farther away you are from a server the more likely the speeds you experience will drop. However, that isn’t the same with ExpressVPN, as there are features that ensure the speeds remain fast no matter the distance. Speed can be quite important when using a torrent, as the last thing you want to do is to spend all day downloading a file that should theoretically take minutes.

Strict No-Logs Policy

One of the hallmarks of using Express VPN for torrenting is that users can be sure their traffic history isn’t stored by this VPN provider. It is a standard policy for ExpressVPN to not log keywords or traffic used by its customers. This ensures that every user is provided the anonymity they seek when they connect to an ExpressVPN server.

You also get private DNS servers on ExpressVPN ensuring that there is no middle man when you log onto the VPN server. This also ensures that all potential avenues for leaks are cut out.

Military-Grade Encryption

The military-grade encryption provided by ExpressVPN is one of the best out there. You can be sure that your connection is kept hidden from any party that would want to spy on your data. To this end, ExpressVPN utilises a top-of-the-line AES 256-bit cipher encryption with an SHA-512 HMAC authentication and 4096-bit RSA key. Basically, this ensures that your data is uncrackable. ExpressVPN utilizes the same encryption that banks, governments, and militaries use to protect sensitive information.

It would take the most powerful computer in the world billions of years to simply decrypt 0.1% of all the data that encryption holds. Furthermore, ExpressVPN is also big on perfect forward secrecy. What this means is that your encryption key is changed every time you log on. So, if by some miracle someone was able to figure out your encryption key, they still cannot have access to your past or future VPN sessions, since they use a different key.

A Whole Lot of Servers

A VPN service is only as good as the number of servers it has available for users. When you use ExpressVPN P2P servers, you can be sure that there is an array to select from. Not only does ExpressVPN have various peer-to-peer VPN servers to select from all over the world, but these servers also have multiple iterations. 

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This basically means that if you choose to select a VPN server in the UK, you and everyone else aren’t limited to just 1 or 2 servers. Not enough servers could hamper speeds and that is the last thing you want when torrenting with ExpressVPN. For this reason, the majority of server locations have numerous servers to cover the workload.

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How to use ExpressVPN to download torrents? Step-by-step Tutorials

Using ExpressVPN for torrenting is easy. The first thing you have to do is head over to the p2p ExpressVPN site, where you can select your preferred subscription plan. There you can select between a month, 6 months, and a 1-year plan. Regardless of which plan you select, you get all the features available to you from day 1.

Once you select your plan, you will be asked to download the client. This means downloading the VPN client onto your computer and following the prompt.

Once downloaded, you will be asked to enter in your account information and voila, you can now use ExpressVPN. 

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However, before you head off and begin downloading torrents, you need to select an appropriate server. Navigating the ExpressVPN VPN torrenting or ExpressVPN torrent server choice is easy, you simply have to select the server that works best for you.

Once connected to a server, you can then begin downloading your torrent using the unlimited bandwidth available from ExpressVPN. This is something to know about Express VPN and torrenting.

What else can you do with ExpressVPN?

Apart from downloading torrents, you can use ExpressVPN to do the following:

  • Shop anonymously
  • Visit blocked social media sites
  • Unlock Netflix libraries from other countries
  • Secure your internet connection as you shop

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Is It Legal to Use ExpressVPN for Torrents?

Using ExpressVPN for torrents is legal, as you aren’t breaking any laws using a VPN. 

Can I use a free VPN for Torrenting?

To answer this in relation to Express VPN and torrenting, while it is possible to use a free VPN for torrenting, it isn’t recommended for safety reasons. You are better off using the VPN in this article.

Is ExpressVPN good for torrenting?

ExpressVPN is good for torrenting as it provides you with a host of features that make torrenting better. Learn more about Express VPN and torrenting by finding out more in our ExpressVPN Review

How much does ExpressVPN cost?

As it stands, you can get a special offer discount of 49% off as well as 3 additional month. Find out more here.

Does ExpressVPN offer a Free Trial?

ExpressVPN torrenting offers a free trial of sorts. It is actually a 30-day money-back guarantee that lets you try out the service for a month at no additional cost. Find out more here.


ExpressVPN torrenting is becoming increasingly popular with torrent users, as it is known for providing high-speed connections to users who are only interested in downloading torrents, and torrenting with ExpressVPN makes torrenting easier. As well as providing protection to its VPN users through a variety of methods and protocols, ExpressVPN torrenting even offers additional security against copyright holders by channeling P2P activity through dedicated torrent servers. Use ExpressVPN now for downloading torrents safely and securely on the internet.

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