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ExpressVPN Review 2022: Everything You Need to Know

expressvpn reviews

Are you looking for the best ExpressVPN review? VPNs are a must-have these days as the internet becomes more and more dangerous. There are people stealing identities, credit card information and selling your online activity to third parties. So it is best to try to stay safe online in any way possible, whether that’s by using anti-virus or a VPN! Knowing all of this is excellent, but what VPN should you be using? It can sometimes be hard to understand, and Express VPN reviews aren’t always clear.

So we decided to give you a comprehensive review of one of the top VPNs available today; an Express VPN review! We promise no ExpressVPN reviews will be as thorough as ours. This Express VPN review will talk about their overall company and other products, payment plans, streaming services you can unblock with ExpressVPN, their features, customer service, and comparisons to other major VPNs. Other ExpressVPN reviews will not be able to top this one.

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Last Updated On: 18 May 2022


First up in this ExpressVPN reviews is a history of ExpressVPN what products that Express has to offer. ExpressVPN was founded by Peter Burcchardt and Dan Pomerantz in 2009. Its parent company is Express VPN International Ltd. As it has a VPN in its name, it is a given that a VPN is one of the products they are offering. As well as this, they also provide free tools on the website, including an IP address checker, a DNS leak test, a WebRTC test and a helpful random password generator. Keep reading our ExpressVPN reviews to find out about the features of ExpressVPN.

Virtual Private Network

A VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network; It allows you to stay private and protected online. A VPN does this by encrypting your internet connection and masking your IP address; It protects you from potential hackers and your internet provider monitoring your data. The main feature of a VPN is changing your IP address to different locations worldwide.

ExpressVPN has 160 servers in 94 different countries, which is a very high volume of locations. You might be worried that Express VPN won’t be available for download on your device, well you will be glad to know that it is improbable because they offer apps for computers and phones and ExpressVPN router apps. Here is the extensive list of devices they offer their services to:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • IOS
  • Linux
  • Routers
  • Chromebook
  • Kindle
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Nintendo Switch

As seen above, ExpressVPN is not only for the use of your everyday devices such as phones and laptops but also routers, gaming consoles and reading tablets.

VPN extension

A VPN extension is a VPN added straight to your internet browser because that’s where you are most likely to use it. Express VPN reviews all the top browsers used today and chose the three top browsers to have VPN extensions. These are Chrome, which is the most used browser today, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. The VPN extension will protect you and hide your IP address from the sites you visit on your browser. And you can still change your location to access those blocked sites on the browser you use.

Summary Sheet for ExpressVPN

Characteristic Value
Does this provider have a no-log policy? Yes, this provider doesn't log your activities
Is this VPN service good for P2P? Yes, it is good for torrenting
Netflix catalogues availability US, UK, CA, AU, DE, FR,
How many devices can be connected simultaneously? This provider allows 5 simultaneous connections
Server locations 94+
Supported apps and devices Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Chrome, Firefox, Router, Console, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Kindle
Any refund policy? Yes, the money-back guarantee lasts 30 days
VPN protocols? Lightway, OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, PPTP
Bandwidth? Unlimited
VPN encryption? Most secure VPN encryption: Military AES 256 bits
How many IP addresses does this service provide? This provider doesn't disclose that information
VPN Servers? 3,000+

Plans and Prices

Next in this Express VPN reviews are the payment plans they have to choose from. ExpressVPN prices are reasonable and have a refund offer. All three payment plans also have a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning you can test out the product before fully committing.

  • Firstly they have a monthly plan; you will be billed 9.82 £ a month unless you cancel your subscription; this includes the 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Next is the 6-month plan; you will be billed 45.44 £ every six months, which works out at 7.57 £ a month and includes the 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Lastly, we have the 15-month plan, which has a 3-month special deal, with a 49% ExpressVPN discount; it is discounted from 147.21 £ to 75.76 £ for the first 15 months, then you are billed every 12 months. That price works out to 5.06 £ a month, down from 9.82 £ a month. This also includes the 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Using the VPN

This ExpressVPN review will show you how to use Express VPN. Once you’ve chosen your payment plan and ExpressVPN reviews your payment, you will need to locate the application download for your device, whether that be MAC, Microsoft etc., complete the installation by following the instructions they provide you. After this, open up the app, and you will see an on button; click this to turn on your VPN. Then locate the server’s page and select whichever location you wish to be in digitally. For streaming, we suggest UK or US servers, as they’re maximised for enhanced streaming.

how to use expressvpn review

Streaming services

One of the main things that VPNs are used for is to unblock Streaming services or content that is unavailable in your country; there are ExpressVPN Netflix optimised servers; here are the best servers for different streaming services:

For Netflix, Ireland, the UK, and the US are the best for accessing a more significant film and TV library. To access BBC iPlayer, you will need to use a UK server, as it is a UK company. As Amazon Prime is only available in 22 countries, likely, Prime may not be available in yours, so the best option would be to use an American or UK server. For Anime lovers who want to use Funimation, which is only available in 8 countries, you should use the UK, Australia or the US, which are the best for streaming overall. ExpressVPN has all the countries we’ve mentioned above as a server location, so you do not need to worry if they will have a server for the streaming service you want to use.


P2P, which means peer to peer file sharing, is popular amongst VPNs, and many will show you which servers are optimised for this. Although ExpressVPN does not have any P2P optimised servers, this does not matter because Express VPN reviews all of its servers and is optimised for P2P. So no matter what server you are using, you can easily share files with your friends or colleagues.
Next up in this Express VPN review is whether Express works in China. China has blocked many websites and streaming services and also many VPNs. However, ExpressVPN has overcome this issue and cannot be monitored by the Chinese government and used by Chinese citizens. Is ExpressVPN safe to use in China? Yes, it is safe and legal. And so, to unblock any sites blocked by China, then change your server to Malaysia or the US.

Video games

ExpressVPN not only supports computers, phones and tablets, but also gaming devices. As you are still connected online for games such as FIFA and Fortnite, you should try to stay safer online and anonymous if you play with strangers. You can never be sure who you are talking to on the other end of the line. Some gaming consoles also have YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming services; for example, the Nintendo Switch offers YouTube and Funimation. As mentioned above, Funimation is only available in 22 countries, so to access this, go to the Nintendo Switch store and download the ExpressVPN app and switch to a suitable server. ExpressVPN reviews what users are most likely to use the VPN with and have made the VPN capable of working with numerous gaming consoles. Here is a list:

  • XBOX
  •  PlayStation
  • Nintendo Switch.

VPN features

expressvpn review features

Next in this Express VPN review is the features of a VPN. There are many features of a VPN such as split tunnelling, kill switch, DNS leak Protection etc. in this next part of our Express VPN reviews, we will explain all the features of Express starting with Lightways.


A lightway is an ExpressVPN protocol. It has been adapted to help speed up your connection and keep you more secure online. Lightway is designed for speed and minimised battery usage so that you can make the most of your time on your device.

Trusted Server

TrustedServer is how ExpressVPN reviews its servers and makes sure that they are running the most recent software so that users always have the most up-to-date servers and are kept safe.

Split Tunnelling

Sometimes we don’t want everything to be encrypted all at the same time, and it might become annoying to keep turning on and off your VPN when you do and don’t need it. So that’s why there’s Split tunnelling which ExpressVPN has to allow you to decide what you want to encrypt.  

Kill Switch

Express VPN reviews all the features it needs, and a kill switch is one of them. A kill switch will automatically lock all of your information when your connection suddenly cuts off to ensure nothing can leak to anyone trying to access your data.

DNS leak protection

We mentioned the DNS leak protection earlier in this ExpressVPN review, so to recap, A DNS leak test is what the VPN will do to see if your internet provider is tracking what you do online. ExpressVPN DNS servers are much safer than your ISP ones, and they won’t track your data.

These are the features of ExpressVPN. We hope to have helped you see why the ExpressVPN features are great and how they have prioritised your safety and efficiency over everything.

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Windows client

A Windows client is a device on your Windows computer that helps you connect to a third-party VPN, such as ExpressVPN. To connect Express VPN to your Windows Client, you will need to go to setting, Network and Internet, VPN, and then click add a VPN connection; in this section, click where it says built-in.

  • The interface: The interface for a windows’ client stays the same as if you were using the VPN directly from the download
  • Settings: the settings are also simple. Follow the instructions given above to set it up.

Other Applications

expressvpn review devices

ExpressVPN Reviews the most popular types of devices that are used today and created applications compatible with them. These include Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android, And gaming consoles too. This Express VPN reviews will discuss setting up your VPN on IOS, MAC, and Android. Firstly we will review how to set up your VPN on IOS. Keep in mind you still need to have a subscription and download the ExpressVPN app to set up the client.


Firstly you will need to go into your settings either on your iPhone or iPad. Then click where it says general, and it should take you to a page where it will display VPN. Then click where it says VPN configuration and tap on type and select your VPN type.


On your Mac, it is straightforward. Go to your Apple menu and then systems preferences. Then select Network and choose ExpressVPN from there. It seems to be even simpler than for IOS.


Go to your android devices settings, click on Network and then Advanced VPN and click on the VPN you want. Enter your username and password and click on the connect button.

Test result


Express VPN reviews their speed by doing a simple speed test. You can do your speed test only on Windows and Mac, and you will have to disconnect the VPN too. Click the menu icon in the top left corner of the ExpressVPN app to access the speed test. Then select run test at the bottom to start. The speed index, latency and download speed will show up during the test.

The higher the number, the better for the speed index, The latency is how long it takes for data to get to the VPNs server location, measured in milliseconds, so the further the server is, the longer it takes for the data to reach it. The download speed is measured in Mbps, and the higher the speed, the better.

ExpressVPN have shown a graph of the different speeds for Netflix and what they mean. 0.5 Mbps is the minimum quality, 25.0 is the best, which is ultra HD quality, 1080p or higher.

You should test your speed when you are about to download a large file to know if it will take long or not and so that you can select the correct server that is compatible with your speed and can reduce buffering time.

DNS leak and torrenting

We’ve mentioned DNS leak protection and torrenting earlier in this ExpressVPN reviews in the VPN features section. Express VPN offers a free DNS leak test that you can use even if you do not have ExpressVPN. Click here to go to this page. ExpressVPN reviews your DNS servers and shows you if you have a  leak. However, DNS Express VPN reviews won’t have to be done if you use Express because you are always protected and never track your data like ISP’s might.

ExpressVPN does not need to do tests on P2P torrenting because all of the servers are already made for P2P, and the servers are kept up-to-date through the trustedServer feature that ExpressVPN reviews themselves.

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Customer service

The customer service at ExpressVPN is second to none. ExpressVPN offers 24-hour live online customer support. You get to talk to real people in real-time, and they will try to provide you with help with any queries you may have.

They also have a customer support page to search for a solution to your problem that they may have already answered. At the top of this page, they have a troubleshoot button, a contact support button and a video instructions button. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, they also offer their email to contact them if you cannot find what you are searching for on their page. Express VPN reviews their emails and adds any articles on FAQs about the VPN.


All VPNs will have similar features, but the way they differ is through quality and cost. There is no doubt that ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs to use. However, many are still good out there. Here is a brief description of a few VPNs that you might use.


  • Does NordVPN log your data? No, they do not. Same as ExpressVPN, they both keep your data completely anonymous and safe.
  • It is perfect for torrenting and has P2P optimised servers, although ExpressVPN doesn’t show you specific P2P servers, that is because all of their servers are already optimised for P2P and torrenting.
  • NordVPN has better servers for accessing a more extensive Netflix Library such as the UK, US, France, Canada, and Australia.
  • NordVPN allows six connections at once, so you only have to make one payment even if you have multiple devices you want to use it for. This is one more than ExpressVPN allows as they only you to have five simultaneous connections at once.
  • NordVPN has a little over 59 Servers which is more than enough; however, ExpressVPN has 160 servers which are more than double what NordVPN has.
  • NordVPN has apps that support five types of devices: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and IOS. This is less than ExpressVPN, which supports 15 kinds of devices, including the ones that NordVPN has, which is a lot more than NordVPN.
  •  Both NordVPN and ExpressVPN offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. The VPN protocol NordVPN uses WireGuard, OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), and IKEv2/IPsec. Whilst Express uses Lightway, OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), L2TP-IPsec, SSTP, and PPTP.
  • Both of their bandwidth is unlimited.
  • They both have the most secure, military-grade encryption. This is a good sign for both VPNs, so you know you have the best protection.

The comparison between these two is relatively close. However, ExpressVPN is slightly better, as they have more server locations and support many more types of devices. To read our NordVPN review similar to this express VPN review, then click here. Express VPN reviews and NordVPN reviews are perfect for reading when evaluating what VPN to use.


  • Surfshark, unlike some other VPNs, does not log your data, and neither does Express. Your data remains safe with both of them.
  • Does Surfshark work for torrenting? Yes, their servers are great for torrenting and P2P; the same goes for ExpressVPN, as all of their servers work for torrenting and P2P.
  • Surfshark has 15 servers for enhanced Netflix libraries; this is plenty of servers and more than enough to binge-watch for years. ExpressVPN only has six servers that will have a more extensive Netflix library. Even though six servers are enough to get a lot more Netflix, it is clear that Surfshark is superior in this aspect.
  • Surfshark supports six devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome, Fire TV, and Firefox. This is quite a decent amount of device types. However, ExpressVPN does have more on top of this, including gaming consoles.
  • Both Surfshark and ExpressVPN have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can always test out both of these VPNs first.
  • Surfshark uses IKEv2 and IPsec protocols. These aren’t the same as ExpressVPN but are still good. ExpressVPN.
  • What is Surfsharks bandwidth? It is unlimited, and so is ExpressVPN.
  • Both Surfshark and ExpressVPN use the most secure military-grade encryption. ExpressVPN reviews the best encryption that will better protect its users, and so does Surfshark.

Surfshark has some excellent qualities, and there are many similarities between these two VPNs. To read more about Surfshark VPN, get a more detailed, more in-depth review, and better compare with these Express VPN reviews, click here.


  • Does CyberGhost log your online activity? No, they don’t track anything you do online that your ISP might. ExpressVPN also doesn’t track anything you do online.
  • Does CyberGhost work well for torrenting? Yes, they have optimised servers just for torrenting and P2P. ExpressVPN doesn’t show which servers are better for P2P and torrenting. However, it is unnecessary because all of their servers are already perfect for P2P and torrenting.
  • CyberGhost only has the US as availability for a more extensive Netflix library, Although it does not seem like a lot, the US is loaded with all the best films and shows, so it is unlikely that you will run out of content to watch with US Netflix. ExpressVPN has a lot more, and therefore in this section is much better than Cyberghost.
  • CyberGhost allows seven connections at the same time, which is two more than what ExpressVPN allows.
  • CyberGhost has over 94 server locations; this is about the same as what Express VPN offers, so they are equal in this aspect
  • CyberGhost offers seven types of devices. Unfortunately, they don’t offer gaming consoles as one of these as ExpressVPN does.
  • Do they have a refund policy? Yes, their refund policy is 15 days longer than ExpressVPN offers as there is a 45-day money-back guarantee instead of 30.
  • the VPN protocols that CyberGhost uses are OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP
  • they offer unlimited Bandwidth same as ExpressVPN
  • Both CyberGhost and ExpressVPN offer 256 bits military-grade encryption.

As you can see both VPNs have their advantages over one another, however, both are top quality VPNs nonetheless. ExpressVPN reviews will often show comparisons however may not go into much detail. to read more about Cyberghost, similar to this Express VPN reviews, click here.


Now in this ExpressVPN reviews, we will answer some questions, Here are some frequently asked questions that you may have about ExpressVPN:

  1. Can you get Express VPN free? No, there is no option to get ExpressVPN for free, however, their prices are quite reasonable, and they often have discounts available.
  2. Can I use ExpressVPN while I play games on my Nintendo Switch? Yes, it is recommended to use a VPN whilst playing games online as it can keep you anonymous and stop anyone from trying to slow down your device. you can also access games that may only be allowed to play in certain countries.
  3. Can I cancel my subscription after 30-days? Yes, you can cancel your subscription whenever and still get what you paid for, but if it is after 30 days you won’t be able to get your money back as it is after their 30-day money-back guarantee.
  4. Is ExpressVPN safe to use? Yes, ExpressVPN is completely safe as they use military-grade encryption and never log your data.


In conclusion, we hope that these Express VPN reviews were able to help you know and understand the features of this top VPN, and aid you in deciding what VPN to use for your devices. If you have any more questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment down below.

9.8 Total Score
Expressvpn Review 2022

Privacy and Security
Speed and Performances
Value for money
Ease of use
  • High Speed
  • Cover of countries
  • Native apps for iOS and Android
  • No logs
  • P2P and BitTorrent Allowed
  • User-friendly
  • Not the cheapest VPN
  • Few configuration options

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