Here’s the Best VPN to Watch American Netflix in 2021

As the company that basically caused Blockbuster to go bankrupt and all but disappear from the face of the planet, Netflix needs no introduction. Indeed, the American company has been the leader of on-demand streaming services for the past few years now and even causing other large companies to re-evaluate their own online on-demand streaming capabilities.

They boast an incredibly large selection of on-demand movies and TV shows. And their own original content library is huge as well, offering their subscribers and viewers high-quality and original produced content, such as House of Cards, Narcos, Orange Is the New Black and so much more with new movies and TV shows being added almost every single week. That’s both their own original content, as well as shows that they have purchased the rights to stream to.

As of writing this article, you can access Netflix from 190 different countries and each country enjoys its very own selections and has its own libraries. What does this mean exactly, well if you wish to learn how to watch American Netflix from UK and enjoy the latest TV shows, it might be a bit of an issue. As not all American shows will be available on the UK version of Netflix.

But worry not, as you are in the right place, the rest of this article will explain to you just how to get American Netflix or how to get US netflix in UK. So, let get down to answering that question you have “how to watch us netflix in uk ?”

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Unblock US Netflix to access restricted content

Your Netflix subscription in the UK allows you to access only Netflix UK and its own library associated with the UK subscription. Because Netflix offers a sort of “global subscription”. The one and only library you can watch off the get-go is the one in the country where you are. It is all a question of rights for the television and cinema stakeholders or copyright laws. So, unfortunately, that is the reason why Netflix has to block access to certain content according to your country and the IP address that you currently have and the reason you can’t learn how to watch american netflix without reading about it.

That’s basically why you cannot watch the American Netflix shows without searching how to watch american netflix, or even browse their catalogue of shows while in the UK – or the British library while abroad. You may even notice that certain shows do not even appear on your subscription of Netflix.

It’s a bit of a bummer because Netflix USA offers a much wider range of movies and TV shows, as well as all the finale episodes that are extremely popular in the UK. But there’s a trick! So, let’s see how to watch american Netflix from anywhere or how to get american netflix in uk specifically!

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How to get American Netflix? This is the solution for 2021!

How to watch american netflix in uk or how to watch american netflix is a very common question we come across while looking for how to get american netflix in uk. Viewers all over the world seem to be asking this question frequently, and quite right too!

But thankfully, you are now on the right website to get the answer, thanks to Google! So this is the trick: to unblock Netflix US and access the restricted content, you just need a VPN app. Sounds simple right? Because it really is that simple, even if Netflix does not like it one bit, it’s the simplest way to watch american netflix in uk!

So, you may not be the most tech-savvy person and you do not know what is a VPN? Well, the word VPN itself is just an acronym and in fact, stands for Virtual Private Network. It’s basically software that allows you to pretend you are in another country. So your VPN will make Netflix believe that you are in the USA while you are snugly curled up in your armchair in Manchester. And maybe watch Netflix with friends is also possible when you install the extension to watch online. This means you can trick Netflix with a VPN app and master how to get american netflix in uk.

Indeed, if Netflix believes you are located in the USA, it will let you access the US Netflix library. And Bob’s your uncle, Netflix!

Thanks to this virtual private network software and technology, it will be as if you were in another country. We’ll go a little into how it basically functions.

So, first thing’s first, it will create a tunnel between your computer and a VPN server located in the country where you want to pretend to be. And then, the video streaming site connects to the VPN to access the content and send it back to you. Simple as that really. Netflix now believes that in whatever country you just selected to pretend to be in.

You can find a VPN app to watch American Netflix on the market. But some of them do not work with Netflix. Because of the rights for television as explained above. So you have to be very careful and choose the right one that both works and fits what it is you need from your VPN. Now that Netflix bans VPNs so, you just have to follow all the recommendations of this site to find a good VPN for American Netflix.

Also, many free VPNs are available. This is the internet, after all, if you do enough search, you’ll be able to find a free version of anything. But as you know, you should be very cautious with these. Indeed, in the best-case scenario, they will not work properly with Netflix and all you’ve done is waste a bit of time. Worst case scenario is the VPN somehow infects your computer. If it doesn’t? Then it may be collecting your data from your computer or device and selling it off to third parties. Scary if you ask me.

So like with anything that is considered “good”, if you want a good and premium VPN service that works with Netflix, then you are looking at having to pay for a subscription between £4 and £8 per month. A small price to pay to get your high-quality Netflix streaming.

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Netflix War: The VPNs strike back

There is a real struggle between Netflix and the VPNs. Indeed, Netflix keeps blocking the VPN servers set in the US, the UK, Australia etc. It takes them a bit of time, but they do this by banning the servers IP addresses which would prevent you from knowing how to get american netflix in uk.

VPN companies must strike back and steadily renew the IPs of their servers. Otherwise, you would not be able to know how to watch american netflix or watch US Netflix anymore. It’s a constant war!

And just like any war, there are unexpected victims in this struggle: American Internet users who live in the USA and use a VPN for security reasons. Indeed, they may have to temporarily disable their own VPN in order to be able to watch US Netflix. Otherwise, as Netflix thinks they could be non-Americans using a VPN just to watch American Netflix, and so Netflix could block them.

Which VPN to unblock US Netflix?

This is the key question. You want to know how to get american netflix. Netflix Inc. spares no expense to monitor the VPNs and block them as quickly as possible. They are probably teams or departments within the company, dedicated to fighting off VPN users.

And their teams regularly visit websites like this one because they have to stay up-to-date with the VPN providers that work with Netflix. Obviously, this site is just one among so many other sources of information.

Some “small” VPN companies have already asked not to mention their services, even if their software works with US Netflix. The reason is, they cannot fight back and change their servers IP addresses as fast as they get banned. Probably for the best I suppose. So you will not find any small VPN in the Top 5 VPN for Netflix below.

Best VPNs to get American Netflix

This selection of VPN to get US Netflix is based on 3 criteria:

  1. The experience with the VPN: Some VPNs are better than others…
  2. The speed of the VPN: It’s very important, seeing as you want to watch streaming videos on American Netflix
  3. The VPN gets blocked: Never, sometimes, frequently…

As you can understand, and how it usually goes with any “Top x” list, this Top 5 regularly evolves. Some VPNs might win or lose their spot due to various conditions and circumstances. But all the top VPN services in this list will allow you to unblock US Netflix, so you can get right into watching your favourite TV shows as quickly as possible.

The great thing about some of the bigger VPN services is that you can try them risk-free with their 30-day money-back guarantee. That is 30 days of privacy and security for free. And you get to watch US Netflix without having to fully commit to their service subscription.

Also, if you have a hard time finding a server that works, contact their customer support, through their live chat. And they will tell you which one to use!

How to get American Netflix in uk?

Want to know how to get american netflix in uk? Keep reading. Here is a short step-by-step guide to explain to the readers how to get american netflix in uk. While it is a bit generic, you should be able to use it for each VPN service with different (although similar) process.

  1. Choose a VPN from the list above: We recommend ExpressVPN
  2. Click the button to access the VPN homepage and the latest promotions
  3. Register and subscribe to the service
  4. Download, install the VPN client then launch it (it is very easy)
  5. In the software, select a server that is located in the USA – Very important
  6. Click “Connect”
  7. Go to Netflix or refresh the page in your browser, and it’s OK, you are on US Netflix

That’s it! See, I told you it was pretty simple. You can now watch american netflix in uk. You can watch all the latest content without any restrictions. Just choose the best VPN to access and to watch American Netflix on from our list and then Boom – you are ready to go!

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