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The Open Championship is also known as the British Open or The Open. It is the oldest and most prestigious golf tournament in the world. Created in 1860, it is held annually between a select group of coastal link golf courses in the United Kingdom. If you are reading this, you are no doubt interested in how to watch the Open Championship live from just about anywhere in the world. This article aims to show just how you can do that. Let’s read on.

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This article was last updated on 23 April 2024


For you to be able to watch the Open Championship, you need to make sure that your country’s TV networks have the broadcasting rights to stream the Open Championship. The great thing is that last year’s iteration, the 2021 Open Championship was billed as a major sporting event, so this year’s iteration is bound to have a lot of broadcasters. 

watch the open championship

For instance, if you live in the UK, you can stream the Open Championship via Sky Sports. Nevertheless, there is always a bit of a problem when you are in another country on vacation or relocation. You find out that your trusty channel no longer works for you to watch the Open Championship live stream.

The reason for this is that the broadcasters with rights to the event typically place geofencing on their content. This ensures that their live stream cannot be viewed outside a particular jurisdiction. There are various reasons why this happens, nevertheless, one of the most common reasons is that when broadcasters get the right to stream the Open Championship they only get it for a particular country. 

This means that they are unable to show that content anywhere else, as that could cause them to void their rights and break the contract. You might wonder, how will Sky Sports, for example, know that you aren’t in the UK when you want to watch the Open Championship live. 

open championship live stream

Broadcasters typically track the IP address of the device trying to access the content, and if that IP address is registered as being outside the permitted viewing territory, then you will be unable to watch the open championship streaming live.

While this might seem a bit frustrating, there is, fortunately, a way to get around this. You can stream the Open Championship anywhere using a VPN.

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Tutorial on how to get access to the Open Championship live coverage

Now that you understand that you watch the Open Championship live stream from anywhere in the world, it is time to discuss the process of being able to do so. Before all of that, however, it is important to discuss what a VPN is and how it can be beneficial.

stream the open championship

A VPN stands for a Virtual private network. It is an internet protocol that transfers internet traffic via servers. You can use a VPN to either change your IP address by altering the origin of the traffic from one place to another or adding some privacy while you are online.

A VPN can be quite useful for those looking to watch Open Championship online. For instance, if you are in Spain on holiday and you would like to watch the Open Championship live using your UK stream, all you have to do is simply connect your device to a VPN provider, then select the applicable server (in the example above it would be a server located in the UK) and that’s all there is to it. With this process, you can stream the Open Championship using Sky Sports from wherever you are in the world.

If you are in the United States, you can catch all the action via NBC Sports Peacock premium. You can catch NBC Sports on just about any cable or satellite television provider. Alternatively, you can stream the Open Championship on any device so using Peacock Premium.

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The Best VPNs to access the Open Championship live stream

If you searched on the internet for VPNs, you are sure to get hit by a multitude of results from various VPN providers. The question is how do you select the one that is right for you? Well, that is where we come in. We have taken the time to test various solutions, comparing each provider with the features they offer and ranking them according to our review process. With that in mind, here are the best VPNs to stream the Open Championship.

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Free VPNs are dangerous for Open Championship streaming

While searching for the right VPN provider on the internet, you will come across paid and free solutions. And while the free VPNs might appeal to you, there are a couple of reasons why you should steer clear of them. 

For one, VPN servers require money to maintain. Most providers, charge a fee to users for this purpose. However, with a free VPN, one has to wonder how the VPN provider can offer such a solution to you at no charge. 

watch the open championship live

One way Free VPNs do this is to have logging policies on their users. This means that what you do while connected to the free VPN as well any sites you visit are tracked. This information might then be sold to third-party advertisers for profit. So, if you use a free VPN thinking it doesn’t cost you anything, you should think again.

Furthermore, free VPNs tend not to use the latest and most innovative security features and that means that your information, as well as your data, can be intercepted by nefarious actors.

The best way to avoid all this is to select a VPN that doesn’t have a logging policy. Free VPNs also have limited bandwidth available, which might be manageable for light browsing, but you can run into issues when you try to watch the Open Championship live stream or the open championship online stream.

The last thing you want is to lose access to the Open Championship live stream simply because you have used up all your available bandwidth. With all of these in mind, it is always best to stick to paid VPN solutions. 

One of the best VPN solutions out there is ExpressVPN. This VPN service doesn’t have a logging policy, ensuring your information is secure at all times, it also comes with unlimited bandwidth. One feature that is sure to grab the attention is the 30-day money-back guarantee provided by ExpressVPN. With it, new users can try out this VPN solution for an entire month at no cost to them.

The Benefits of VPNs

Apart from being able to watch Open Championship online stream, VPNs offer a lot more benefits. With a VPN, you can:

  • Browse the internet safely without worrying about being tracked.
  • Visit previously unavailable sites and streaming platforms.
  • Increase your bandwidth if your ISP limits your bandwidth during gaming and other things.

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As you can see, getting the opportunity to catch the Open Championship live stream is easier than you previously thought. You simply need to get the right VPN for the job, and that VPN is ExpressVPN.

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