Watch Disney Movies Online With Disney Plus VPN

Do you love to watch Disney movies online but you’re based in the UK or anywhere outside the US? Are you having trouble with your Disney Plus streaming device because of the geo-restrictions in your area? If this is the case, we got good news for you.

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What is Disney Plus Streaming Service

Disney Plus is a streaming service fully owned by the Disney Company. If you love watching Disney movies and tv shows online then this is good news for you. This entertainment giant is putting its stake in this new venture and you can expect to have all their original TV shows, movies, cartoons including Pixar movies into this streaming service.

disney plus

Disney + is ad-free, and currently, on-demand streaming service with 10 million subscribers on the launch date alone. If you’re wondering how to get Disney +, we’ve got that cover just continue reading below. It has a variety of available movies and TV shows to stream online.

The streaming service boasts of its wide array of content such as Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic, and 20th Century Fox.

Best new shows on Disney Plus content list right now:

  • The Mandalorian
  • Pixar In Real Life
  • The World According to Jeff Goldblum
  • Marvel Hero Project
  • Lady and the Tramp

How does Disney Plus streaming measure against its competition

Unlike its competitors Netflix and Hulu it is more focused on gravitating around Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Television content. However, they are not planning on being exclusive on Disney content only. With its capacity, there is hardly someone who doesn’t know or have become a Disney fan.

marvel disney plus

On the other hand, subscribers will surely love Disney Plus streaming due to its zero streaming ad . Presently, it’s by far the most generous against its major competitors in terms of multiple devices streaming of up to four devices simultaneously. It also has the highest-profile additions of up to seven.

Disney Plus and Netflix Which is Better

  • It has 7,000 episodes and 500 films on the launch date while Netflix has only 1000 movies and TV shows on release.
  • It leans on its own contents. Netflix only depends on deals with other entertainment companies.
  • It’s family-oriented, unlike Netflix that features TVPG content for its mature audiences.

A brief history:

Disney is focusing on becoming one of the worlds biggest TV companies. This can be seen when they acquired BAMTech in August of 2016 for $1.58 billion dollars thereby giving the company a 75% stake. Just a couple of years later on March of 2019, they got 2oth Century Fox.

This means that watching Disney Plus movies online will include X-Men and Avengers on its content list. Even interesting is the fact that Roma and To All The Boys I Loved Before director, Matt Brodlie is Disney Plus’ senior vice president for international content development.

disney plus star wars

Upon Disney Plus launch date last November 2019, the streaming service doesn’t plan on sticking with exclusivity. This means that they will not be limited to Disney materials alone as they are planning to acquire certain external products as well.

How To Watch Disney Plus

US subscribers just need to use the Disney Plus app to watch their favourite Disney movies online. With the app installed and a premium subscription is in place, users will be able to stream their favourite Disney movies in HD and 4K quality videos.

Here are the devices that can support the app:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Google Chromecast
  • Smart Tvs
  • Android TV
  • Andriod
  • Playstation
  • XBox
  • Windows PC
  • MacOS
  • Sony Playstation 4

However, this is not the case for people outside the US because Disney Plus will only be available for selected countries only in 2020. This is mainly because of geo-restrictions that applies to every country. So if you’re travelling abroad, this might become a problem.

Continue reading we’ve got the solution for you.

Is Disney Plus Europe available?

Disney Plus was launched last November 12, 2019. To get things into perspective, Disney Plus is 100% owned by Disney. That being said, no more Disney movies streaming on Netflix. This is becoming as what people call, a streaming battle royale. However, upon its launching, Disney stated that it will come out a little later in Europe because of certain legislations.

However, with some restriction issues in countries outside the US, a little problem might be obvious. But that can be resolved with a VPN.

What is a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. What this means is, If you live outside the US border, say you’re from the UK, your access to a US-based service will be blocked. However, by using a VPN, you will get access to services that otherwise won’t be possible and that includes Disney Plus streaming.

disney plus vpn

In other words, even if you download and install the Disney Plus App, it won’t work because of the geo-restrictions in your area. For this reason, you will get an error message; “Sorry, Disney Plus is not available in your country” on your screen. This is why you would need a VPN service in order to use the Disney Plus streaming service.

Because geo-restrictions rely heavily on your IP address in order to determine your location, using a VPN will help you bypass this problem.

How Does a VPN Work and How to Use It

VPN is a service-based internet security tool but with the capabilities of diverting your internet traffic using a server that is located in a specific region and obtaining its IP address, therefore, it qualifies you to be a virtual resident of that country. Because of its bypass qualities, the user gets the full services Disney Plus streaming if they want to watch Disney movies online or other related services just the same way as with areas that aren’t covered by geo-restrictions.

disney plus how to use vpn

Here’s how to get started with a VPN service

  • First, subscribe to a VPN service, like ExpressVPN
  • Download the VPN client on your app store.
  • Click Sign In button and enter your VPN information and choose a server from the list.
  • We suggest you choose American Server.
  • Wait for the successful connection.
  • Launch the Disney Plus App.
  • Now you can enjoy streaming your favourite Disney movies on Disney Plus VPN.

What you need to be aware in the future

Furthermore, if Disney Plus will follow Netflix’s lead; here are two things you need to be aware of:

  • The service will differ from country to country which means they will be using a specific catalogue.
  • This means that Disney Plus will block your VPN access just like Netflix and Hulu.

Our List of the best VPN to watch Disney Plus

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2 Private Internet Access UK (PIA) Review 2024
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5 NordVPN Review 2024

What movies can I stream on Disney Plus

disneyplus shows

As I mentioned earlier, Disney is creating a streaming battle royale. That being said, they are taking away all their movies on Netflix. Here is Disney Plus content list of movies and TV shows.

Furthermore, Disney Plus is focusing more on family-oriented movies and TV shows. Having said this, it’s a better choice for parents raising their kids. A note for adults; there will be no Rated R and any other TV shows for mature audiences.

Because Disney got the rights to Fox (Disney owns 60%) every other movie and TV shows with TVPG will be available on Hulu. When you watch Disney movies online expect that it has never been this good!

Can I use Disney Plus VPN free trial?

Yes, there are free VPN services available. On the contrary, most of these services come with limitations or restrictions. Because you are only limited to a small number of servers, therefore you will have a reduction on data, bandwidth and speed. That’s why we recommend you subscribe to a trusted VPN service to get its full benefit. Otherwise, you’ll be facing some problems when you watch your favourite Disney movies online.

However, it’s much better to subscribe to a VPN service and because they offer a money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

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What else can I do with a VPN?

VPN goes beyond entertainment and security. Aside from letting you watch Disney movies online; here are some other interesting things VPN can do for you:

  • It prevents bandwidth throttling. This means that you don’t have to experience buffering when streaming your favourite movies because VPN encrypts your internet traffic thus making it impossible for your ISP to control your bandwidth.
  • VPN services give you access to your favourite websites abroad. there are websites that are. VPN lets you bypass geo-restrictions in some countries safely by changing your IP address.
  • It can save you money on your next vacation. Since VPNs can hide your IP, it becomes possible for you to book a flight from a country that has lower prices.
  • Lets you download and upload files securely with P2P file sharing.
    VPN can protect your internet traffic especially when you’re using public WiFi.
  • It helps keep your private conversations safe and secure.

How much does it cost?

Upon Disney Plus launch date it would cost for $6.99 and you can gain access to thousands of Disney movies and TV shows. In other words, it’s a thousand of hours of entertainment for just a mere cost of $7. You could even save more if you subscribe for a whole year for only $70. Compared to Netflix’s $13 a month subscription, Disney + streaming service is way cheaper.

However, unless you’re in the US you can watch Disney movies online in High Definition even with two devices.

Disney + basic subscription even lets you stream on four screens at the same time and it’s in 4K quality. Compared with Netflix, this option would cost $16. On the contrary, Disney plus stated such prices are initial which in this case we can expect higher prices in the future. Note: These are US price.

Here are Disney Plus subscription prices outside the US.

  • Canada: $9 a month – $90 a year.
  • Netherlands: 9 Euro a month or 90 Euro a year.
  • Australia: $9 a month and $90 a year.
  • New Zealand: $9 a month and $90 a year.


Disney is going full scale on its new venture; Disney Plus. And it’s taking the streaming world into a battle royale. With price as low as $6.99 a month, there’s nothing you can complain about. But unless if you’re outside of the US, their services will not be possible. Luckily, you can solve this problem with the help of a VPN service.

Watching Disney movies online are the better option especially for parents because of its family-oriented concept. Letting your kids alone to watch on their own can be a risky thing for parents since they don’t know what content their kids would watch next or what would they see as they skim and scan.

With Disney Plus online streaming service you can be confident of what your kids are watching. Great job to Disney for launching this service.

Try ExpressVPN from our list of the best VPN services and choose what works best for you. Now you can get to enjoy your favourite Disney movies and TV shows in the comfort of your home.

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