How To Watch Champions League Live Stream 2022

The best football leagues are back, so here is how to watch UEFA Champions League. The Champions League contains some of the best teams in Europe, such as Manchester United, FC Barcelona, Chelsea FC, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-German etc. Not only does this League attract large amounts of European fans, but also international fans. As international fans, you may be wondering where to watch Champions League Live streaming in your country. You may also be trying to find a Champions League live stream free; we may have a way for you.

If you are from the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or the USA, we have the best channels to watch the UEFA Champions League live streaming in your country. If you are watching Champions League stream free or Champion League online, it’s best to stay safe, even if you trust the site. We have the best way for you to do so, so keep reading to find out more.

Updated: 15 May 2022

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How to watch Champions League in the United Kingdom

Many UK football clubs are participating in the Champions League; that’s why finding a channel or online site for this football league was a priority. So here is how to watch Champion League live in the United Kingdom.

  • BT Sports — BT Sports owns the rights to air all the UEFA Champions League games, so this will be your go-to place to watch the matches. You can watch it on TV, online through their live streaming service, and it is also available on smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, and game consoles through the BT Sports app, all with one subscription.

As BT owns all the TV rights to stream Champions League in the UK, no other channels show the games. There is also no safe way to watch the Champions League stream free.

how to watch champions league

Where to watch Champions League in Australia

Even though no Australian teams are playing in the leagues, as it is only available to European teams, many European ex-pats live in Australia, and Aussie fans love it. So here is where to watch Champions League in Australia.

  • Stan Sports Stan Sports is the new home for UEFA Champions League for 2021-22. If you already have a Stan subscription, the Stan Sports add-on will only cost you ten dollars a month. But if you don’t already have a subscription, you can try it for free first with their 7-day free trial. Click here to start your trial.

Unfortunately, Stan Sports is the only way to stream the Champions League in Australia. And if you were looking for a Champions League live stream free, then the Stan Sports 7-day free trial is the only way to do so. However, if you happen to come across a Champions League stream free, please continue reading to learn how to access the site and watch safely without compromising your computers and your data’s safety.

How to watch Champions League in Canada

Are you living in Canada but searching for a way to watch Champions League? Look no further as we have where to watch Champions League in Canada here:

  • DAZN — DAZN is the only place to stream the Champions League in Canada. They offer a 30-day trial to new users and also provide you with other football leagues and live sports.

DAZN is the only way to watch Champions League in Canada. As for a Champions League live stream free, unfortunately, we could not find a safe place for you to watch the Champions League stream free. However, if you happen to come across a Champions League live stream free, then keep reading to know how to safely access the site.

Where to watch Champions League in New Zealand

Are you a European Expat or Kiwi Champions League fan? Well, here’s how to watch Champions League in New Zealand.

  • Sky Sports 7 — You can access Champions League through an extra bundle on sky sports 7, in partnership with beIN Sports.
  • Paramount + — This streaming site will show all the matches live and on-demand. It is the cheaper option of the three, and you can access many more sports events. They also offer a generous 7-day free trial!
  • Spark Sports — Also a streaming service, they offer a 7-day free trial to those who don’t already have a subscription. And you can link up to 5 devices including Smart TVs, Phones, Tablets etc.

The only way to access the fixtures is through these channels. There isn’t a safe site to watch the Champions League live stream free. The only way would be through the free trials. However, if you find a Champions League stream free, please keep reading to discover how to stay safe whilst browsing the Champions League stream free.

where to watch champions league

How to watch Champions League in the United States

Are you living in the US? Here is how to watch Champions League in the USA:

  • Paramount + Same as New Zealand, Champions League, will also be airing live on Paramount + in the States. Don’t forget the 7-day free trial.
  • CBS Only a few matches will be shown on CBS, but they are still airing. If CBS is part of your TV package, these matches are almost as good as free, which is excellent.
  • TUDN If you are looking for Spanish coverage, then TUDN is the place to watch.
  • Fubo TV Fubo TV is a perfect subscription for live sports as they will stream Champions League and other live sports.

As mentioned above, CBS and TUDN will be airing on TV if they come with your TV package already. But Paramount + and Fubo TV are great alternatives if you don’t have a TV package with those channels. As for a Champions League stream free, we could not find a safe site for you to be able to watch Champions League stream free.

How to watch Champions League outside your country with a VPN

What is a VPN? A Virtual Private Network is a secure way to send and receive data by using encryption on public or private networks. So why is a VPN useful when streaming Champions League? Well, what a VPN will do is encrypt what you do online and who you are. All devices contain an IP address, allowing internet service providers and possible hackers to know where you are and what you are doing. By using a VPN, you can mask this by using a fake one that will show up as another country of your choice, and it also means you can access their content.

So say you are using a site only available in your home country, but you have to leave. Instead of cancelling your subscription and struggling to find a new one that works in the current region you are in, you can switch your VPN to be in your home country instead. So next time you are finding where to watch the Champions League, you should use a VPN! 

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watch champions league with vpn

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Best VPN for watching Champions League

Here is our ranking of the best VPNs. This is a ranking of their overall features and how they compare to each other.

What else can I do with a VPN?

There are many things that you can do with a VPN. If you found where to watch Champions League, and it is a Champions League live stream free, then using a VPN can prevent that site from tracking who you are, where you are, and what you do. You can also prevent people from stealing your credit card information or identity, as all the data you input into your computer is encrypted.


Throughout this article, we have provided you with different ways to watch the UEFA Champions League in multiple countries. We hope to have been able to ease the search for you, as well as providing you with a way to access all the streaming sites we suggested, no matter where you are in the world, safely. You should now be all set up to watch your favourite teams play! If you have any questions or feedback on this article, please do not hesitate to leave a comment, as we would appreciate hearing from you.

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