How to Watch Canadian Open Tennis 2024 in the UK

Did you know that the Canadian Open is one of the longest-running tennis tournaments in the world? If you’re a fan of world tennis, you might be excited about the Canadian Open tennis live stream this year. Worry not because we’ve got you covered in this post.

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This article was last updated on 12 June 2024

Best Streaming Sites for Canadian Open Tennis Live Stream

  • United Kingdom: Amazon Prime Video
  • United States: ESPN, Tennis Channel
  • Canada: TSN

United Kingdom Amazon Prime Video

If you’re in the UK, you’re in luck because you may already have an Amazon Prime Video account. Or, you can open one for as little as £8.99 per month. All you have to do is go to the Prime Video section and choose “Sports” from the menu. If you’re lucky, you may even get to watch Canada Masters live stream for free, with ads.

United States ESPN/Tennis Channel

If you have cable TV in your home in the US, chances are high that you also have ESPN or the Tennis Channel. Even if you’re vising the country, your hotel TV should offer these channels. If all else fails, you have the option to opt for ESPN+ for $9.99 a month.

Canada TSN

Of course, TSN can’t miss a tennis event that’s happening in Canada for the world. You can either learn how to watch Canadian Open tennis live stream on TSN or get the TSN+ subscription for live streaming on the internet. It’ll cost you no more than C$19.99 a month.

how to watch canadian open tennis

Best Free Sites to National Bank Open Live Stream

  • Switzerland: SRG SSR
  • Spain: RTVE
  • Canada: CBC Sports

Switzerland SRG SSR

Switzerland’s very own channel, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, will showcase the National Bank Open live stream for free. If you happen to be in the country during the matches, be sure to tune in.

Spain RTVE

RTVE is a government-owned channel in Spain, and it’s known for broadcasting high-voltage sports events from all over the world for free. The Canada Masters live stream is no different. Keep on reading to learn how to use this platform to watch National Bank Open Tennis live stream.

national bank open live stream

Streaming Outside of Availability Zone

For global sports events like the Canada Masters live stream, there are plenty of broadcasters all over the world. But what if you’re traveling to a country where there are no broadcasters?

The restrictions viewers face from TV operators on National Bank Open live stream, as well as streaming platforms, are derived from contracts between all the involved parties. It’s universally known as geo-restrictions. It’s the biggest enemy of people who believe in a free internet for all.

That’s where a VPN comes into play. A virtual private network has the ability to bypass your original IP and assign a new one, so the restrictions don’t apply. Whether you’re trying to learn how to watch Canadian Open tennis live stream or looking for a low ping game server, a VPN is the answer.

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How to Unblock Canadian Open Tennis Live Stream with a VPN

If you’re ready to commit to learning how to watch the Canadian Open tennis live stream, you may be wondering about the steps that go into it. Well, look no further.

  1. Choose the VPN you want and purchase a subscription. ExpressVPN is surely the best choice as it’s going for 49% cheaper.
  2. Download the appropriate client for the device you plan on using it.
  3. Search for Spain on the menu and connect to a Spanish server.
  4. Log into your RTVE account and start watching the Canada Masters live stream right away!

Try ExpressVPN for Free

If you’re thinking of using a free VPN to learn how to watch Canadian Open tennis live stream in the UK, you’re not wrong. Why would you want to spend money if you can do it for free, right?

Well, when you use free VPNs, you’re not getting the full picture of what’s going on in the background. Free VPNs often have backdoors that smuggle sensitive information on your browsing behavior. They also don’t have strong enough security infrastructure to truly protect you against online threats.

Instead, use the ExpressVPN 30-day money-back guarantee to watch National Bank open live stream free. If you can time it right, you can cancel the subscription after the Canada Masters live stream matches are over. This way, you get a full refund on your subscription, although you paid it upfront.

This approach will let you enjoy the 3,000+ servers along with all the unique features like kill switch, split tunneling, etc. without worrying about spending any money.

canada masters live stream

The Best VPNs to Watch World Aquatics Championships

ExpressVPN is and perhaps will forever remain our favourite VPN to access the nooks and crannies of the internet. But you’re free to choose whatever VPN you see fit for your needs. Keeping that in mind, we have gathered some of the best alternatives to ExpressVPN right here.

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5 NordVPN Review 2024

The Benefits of VPNs

A VPN has many other use cases than only learning how to watch Canadian Open tennis in the UK. Take a gander.

  • Geo-block Bypass: The reason you can’t access many websites is geo-restriction. With help from ExpressVPN, you can unlock all kinds of sports events, content, and game servers.
  • Online Security: Thanks to private encryption and IP protection, you can browse the internet knowing full well that no one can breach your privacy.

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Can I use a VPN to access the National Bank Open live stream on any device?

Yes, most modern VPNs have multiple clients for all devices imaginable. For example, you can download and use ExpressVPN on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, etc. devices.

Can I use free VPNs to learn how to watch Canadian Open tennis?

Technically, you can. But it’s highly discouraged, as free VPNs impose safety risks to your information. Rather, try the 30-day money-back guarantee from ExpressVPN.


Whether you’re planning to stream Canadian Open tennis online or torrent your favourite movies, a VPN can be a lifesaver. ExpressVPN is currently offering 49% off of the retail price along with 3 additional months. Are you sure you want to let go of this opportunity to bypass all geo-restrictions?

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