The Best VPN Service for Android in 2024

Casually browsing the internet unprotected isn’t as safe as you’d think. You’re constantly exposing your Android to threats if you don’t take the proper precautions. The best way to shield yourself from this is by getting one of the top VPN for Android. So stick around and learn everything there is to know!

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The Best VPN Service for Android

These are all the VPN software for Android that I highly recommend. I am an avid VPN user and have tested out dozens of services over the years. You’ll be glad to know that I was able to narrow it down to only the best of the best. In other words, this list only contains the good VPN for Android.

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Feel free to pick and try out any of the top VPN for Android I’ve recommended above. They sure won’t disappoint. But if you’d still like to do more research, then you should go check out the more detailed reviews on each VPN.

The Best Free VPN for Android

Do you already have your eye on a VPN software for Android? Well here’s some good news for you because all the top VPN for Android I’ve recommended actually all come with money-back guarantees and free trials. You get to test out the full capacities of each VPN service without losing a dime!

When I first tried  ExpressVPN, I was astounded at the service I received. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee that is absolutely awesome! I got to use all the premium features for a limited amount of time. And when I wanted to get my money back, they didn’t even ask me any questions. You can say whatever excuse you want like “I’m broke, I change my mind, I only need the free trial” and they won’t mind! And if you have any questions, you can always call up their customer service. You can even ask them how to setup a VPN on Android.

I definitely recommend getting the best VPN for Android free download first before you commit to a full subscription. This is so that you get the chance to try out all the providers and see which one suits your taste the most.

Is there a free VPN app for Android?

You can definitely find free apps on Google Play but I wouldn’t advise getting any of them. Trust me, as much as I love saving money, I wouldn’t think it’s worth what I’m sacrificing just to get a free VPN software for Android.

You see, a lot of free providers parade themselves as a really good service that’s on par with the best VPN service for Android. But what most don’t know is that they actually have a lot of faults to them.

First of all, most VPNs don’t take your privacy as their main priority. In fact, they even take your information to sell it to advertising companies! This is why you get so many pop-up ads when you get a free service.

Secondly, it actually has a very limited data cap. Some only allow you a maximum of 500 MB a month. If you intend to use this for streaming, then you can say goodbye to that plan.

There are just too many risks surrounding the use of a free VPN. To me, you’re better off availing a free version from any of the top VPN for Android.

Why should I use VPN software for Android?

As much as you hate to admit it, your phone is basically your lifeline. It has all your messages, calls, contacts, history, identification and etc. As soon as someone gets their hands on those, then you can officially consider your identity stolen.

If you’re still not convinced on getting one of the top VPN for Android, maybe these will be reason enough for you:

1. Hide your IP Address with the Best VPN Service for Android

This is one of the main functions of a good VPN for Android. First, it takes your real IP address and hides it. Then, it gives you a new IP address which tricks your ISP and other third-parties into thinking you’re somewhere else. This way, they can’t keep track of your activities. So basically, it’s like you’re doing your online activities anonymously.

2. Bypass geo-restrictions using the Top VPN for Android

The government agencies, universities and even business companies love to put censorship on your online activity. They get to decide what sites you can and can’t access. Have you ever tried getting blocked from a site that should be available anywhere else? That’s because the website’s servers can see your IP address and decide whether or not to grant you access.

With a VPN, Android users can easily get around this problem by simply selecting a server that is in another location and have their IP addresses switched. This method also works for big streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go. Did you know that you can’t access content from these streaming services if you’re outside the United States? Well, that’s not gonna be a problem anymore with the best VPN service for Android.

A good VPN for Android can also help you get early access to games and products. Yup, you read that right. This is perfect for you if you’ve ever had to go through the agony of waiting after another country has already had it for weeks. Say goodbye to that painful experience because you can now get any game you want.

3. Keep your data safe

Other than hiding your IP address, a good VPN for Android also encrypts your data to make sure that nobody can read it.

And in addition, if ever there are times when the server gets infiltrated or tampered with, it has cool security features that act as a failsafe. The most common ones are called the kill-switch and anti-DNS leak protection.

A kill-switch basically cuts off your connection to the VPN servers if it senses that there is someone trying to access them. So it automatically shuts off any of the windows and apps that you were using while connected to that server to prevent anything from getting into your Android.

The anti-DNS leak protection is there to guard and keep watch over your connection. If it senses any data ‘leaking’, it will take action right away to prevent anyone from getting their hands on your data. These are features only available to the top VPN for Android.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network is essentially a software that protects your personal identity and gives you private internet access. This program is also very popular amongst users that wish to stream movies and unblock content. However, this is not something that should only be used on desktops but, you should also consider getting a VPN software for Android.

Indeed, every time you use your Android phone or tablet, you’re still prone to be attacked or spied on by unwanted third-parties. And even when you connect to public WiFi, you never know what is lurking just around the corner. If it wasn’t configured properly, there’s a chance that others can see your activity. And sometimes, people set up fake WiFi networks to trick people into connecting to it. Then they swoop in and steal your personal information!

Did you know that it is actually legal in some countries for ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to take your data and sell it off? They do this in the hopes of gaining a quick buck from advertising companies. This is very capable of happening if you don’t use a VPN software for Android. And it’s actually the big names like Google and Facebook that benefit from your information the most.

So, the best way to protect yourself from all this is to get a VPN software for Android.

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What a VPN is not

In selecting a good VPN for Android, it’s very important to know your stuff. There are a lot of VPN companies claiming to be one thing when it’s actually impossible.

While it can make you anonymous when you are online, it can’t keep your anonymity for everything. One of the times when a VPN won’t work is when you’re trying to access sites from the dark web. So it’s best to note its limitations.

And contrary to what most VPN providers promote, they DONT protect you from malware. They can only prevent pop up ads from appearing. If you truly want to stay protected from malware and other threats, then it’s best you get an anti-virus in addition to the best VPN service for Android. But you must also always be cautious and avoid clicking on suspicious buttons.

We’re done here!

That was all the elements that you need to know about where to download VPN for Android. Just because it’s a mobile device, doesn’t mean it is less prone to threats. Keep out spies and hackers by using a good VPN for Android to thwart their plans.

If you can help it, always dodge the free VPNs because it may cause you more inconvenience. If you really want the best free VPN app for Android, you can always try out anything from the “Best VPN Service for Android” list on a free trial.

Don’t forget to check out each VPNs’ individual reviews. My personal opinion will always be to stick to ExpressVPN as it is the best provider I’ve experienced by far. It’s cheap, user-friendly, fast, allows simultaneous connections AND very convenient on Android.

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