How to Watch European Championship (UEFA Euro Cup) in 2021

The UEFA Euro Championships is perhaps one of the best football if not sports tournament in the world. It is a month-long summer competition that brings together all the top UEFA European teams to battle out for the championship. When the Euro cup started in 1960, it only consisted of 4 teams. Now it has 24 teams battling out in the group stage to get to the final. If you want to know how to watch UEFA European championship in whatever country you are in, then you need to read on. 

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Where to watch European Championship in the UK

uefa euro cup live stream

The European Championship is back and if you are looking to live stream UEFA euro cup live streaming in the UK, you can catch all the action via BBC and ITV. This means that the entire European championship from the group stage to the semi-finals and the final can be accessed on these channels. Additionally, you can choose to use the streaming services of both channels with the BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub being free. All you have to do is read the terms and conditions and you are good to go.

Where to watch European Championship in Australia

For euro 2021 fans living in Australia, you can enjoy the most comprehensive coverage of the UEFA European via Optus which is a streaming service. With Optus, you get to follow the action from the 12 cities to the game of your favourite team. Optus is unfortunately a paid subscription, so you won’t be able to access the UEFA European championship streaming free.

Where to watch European Championship in Canada

You can live stream UEFA euro cup live streaming or UEFA European championship live stream on TVA and Bell Media. TVA is providing live stream of the action at the 12 cities of the Euro cup. Bell Media will also provide coverage to other UEFA competitions such as the Europa League. Bell Media aims to split its coverage of the live stream UEFA euro cup via its tv channels and digital streaming service. This means you can catch all the action on the Bell Media website.

Where to watch European Championship in New Zealand

If you want to know how to watch UEFA Euro cup live streaming in New Zealand via Sky Sports New Zealand. This will require a cable subscription as it is the only way to watch the UEFA European championship live stream in New Zealand. If you want another way to live stream the euro cup, you will have to stick to a streaming service. Unfortunately, you will have to get a streaming service from other countries. This means Foxtel or Kayo Sports in Australia, DAZN in Canada and BT Sports in the UK. You will require a VPN for this (more on that later)

Where to watch European Championship in the US

If you are an American-based euro 2021 or even a world cup fan, you will be happy to know that you can watch the UEFA euro 2020 via Univision and ESPN. With ESPN, you can get to watch 39 of the euro 2021 live matches on ESPN, while ABC in a partnership with ESPN will air a couple of matches as well. Univision also has a sister sports channel TUDN and alongside ESPN will televise pre-match, halftime, analysis programs and postgame highlights. With the plethora of viewing options available to you, you really do not have any excuse not to live stream UEFA Euro cup live streaming. You can also catch up on the UEFA European championship live stream or UEFA euro cup live stream via FuboTV. You can live stream uefa euro cup live streaming for free thanks to the free trial. 

How to watch European Championship outside your country with a VPN

watch uefa euro cup live stream

Living in one country and visiting another for a holiday or any other reason can bring up some hurdles when it comes to watching content. For example, if you happen to reside in the UK and you are on vacation when the European Championships start, you are bound to become annoyed that you can access the action. One way around this is using the plethora of streaming services available to you. But, there is one problem with this, Geofencing. Geofencing is when content makers and publishers put restrictions on their content so that they cannot be accessed from outside the appropriate country. This means that your content in the UK won’t be accessed while you are in the UK or New Zealand. Fortunately, there is a way around this, VPNs.

A Virtual Private Network by design alters your IP address, making it one from the respective country. This then lets you gain access to all your formerly geofenced content. Additionally, creating a private network can help provide you with anonymity and privacy while online. Your IP addresses get masked so that your traffic online is virtually untraceable. Thanks to a VPN, you don’t have to worry about any funny things like throttling that your ISP might throw at you. With a VPN, you can catch up on the 2024 UEFA euro cup live stream action, as stated above.

To live stream UEFA Euro cup, you simply need to download a VPN. The best VPN out there is ExpressVPN hands down. There are others that pack a punch as well, however, you get a lot more value with ExpressVPN. When you download ExpressVPN, you select a server located in your preferred country and enjoy your live stream with no issue at all.

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For instance, if you want to access FuboTV in the UK, you just have to pick a US server on the app. And there you go, you can access UEFA European Championship streaming. If you want to watch something on BBC iPlayer, you pick a VPN with a server located in the UK and you get UEFA European Championship live streaming free.

You should note that it is best to have an idea of the servers you aim to use in advance, coupled with the streaming service. This has to do with the fact that the European Championship tournament is a live event, and you there’s nothing quite as frustrating as a mission out on watching the UEFA European Championship live stream simply because the streaming service or server you selected isn’t working. Apart from that, you really have nothing to lose when trying to watch the UEFA euro 2021.

The 5 Best VPN for live streaming UEFA Euro Cup online

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5 NordVPN Review 2024

What else can I do with a VPN?

watch uefa euro cup live stream with vpn

Most people see a VPN and automatically think of unblocking or streaming content. And while that is one of the uses of a VPN, there are a few more that aren’t quite as popular.

When using a VPN, you can seamlessly protect your information and personal data from nefarious agents. With a VPN, your online security is significantly improved. Connecting to a public Wi-Fi network without a VPN can put you at risk, however, when you use a VPN, your internet connection becomes encrypted. What this means is that if any nefarious agent attempts to snoop around your internet activity, they won’t get any sensitive information like your passwords or login information.

Additionally, you can use a VPN to protect your privacy online. In today’s world, almost every action you take online is recorded. This is because your internet provider tracks your file downloads and web history. You also get tracked by advertisers to track your browsing patterns and history with cookies. A VPN can be a great way to stop all that and keep your privacy safe from prying eyes. No more will you have an advertiser targeting you based on your online activity.


With so many options to watch or live stream UEFA euro cup live streaming, you really do not have any excuse to enjoy the tournament. You can catch up on the game of your favourite team, from all 12 cities used in the UEFA European championship. Remember, if you try to access a streaming service outside your country to watch the UEFA euro cup live stream or UEFA European championship live stream, you should do so using a VPN. Start streaming now.

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