How to Watch Tour De Suisse Live Streaming in 2024

Since its inaugural event back in 1933, the Tour de Suisse has become the most significant stage race event in Switzerland. Each year, over a million spectators flock to watch the riders battle it out from the roadside. There are 8 stage races on this tour with over 1,300 kilometres of road and about 17,500 metres in altitude difference on all the stages. The importance of the tour de Suisse cannot be understated as it is the 4th largest professional race on the planet. If you are reading this then you are a fan of the race looking for information on how to watch tour de Suisse in the UK or anywhere. If that is the case, then you are at the right place. Let’s begin;

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Where to watch Tour De Suisse in the UK

tour de suisse live stream

If you are a UK-based racing fan, you are probably wondering how to live stream Tour de Suisse in the UK. The good news is that you can live stream tour de Suisse via a couple of tv channels. Eurosport has comprehensive live coverage of every stage of the Tour de Suisse. Additionally, you can catch all the world tour teams battle for the win via Eurosport’s streaming service. Yes, this means you can gain access to the Tour de Suisse live streaming.

Where to watch Tour De Suisse in Australia

For those in Australia, you will be happy to know that you can enjoy the most comprehensive rally cycling coverage via Kayo Sports which is a streaming service. It offers access to over 50 of the best live and on-demand sports. This is done as a result of partnerships with big sports channels like Fox Sports, beIN Sports and ESPN. A great feature about Kayo Sports is the fact that you can get the tour de Suisse live stream free, thanks to the 2-week free trial. With this, you can live stream Tour de Suisse without making any commitments and master how to watch tour de Suisse live streaming.

You can also catch the action via a Eurosport/GCN partnership. There was a time when Eurosport was available to cable subscribers but that isn’t the case anymore. Thankfully, you can still watch Tour de Suisse live streaming using FetchTV. With FetchTV, you will have to purchase a set-top box and a subscription, so it is not the most effective method if you are searching for how to watch Tour de Suisse live streaming in Australia.

Where to watch Tour De Suisse in Canada

For Canadian Tour de Suisse fans, you can watch Tour de Suisse live streaming on FloBikes, a streaming platform dedicated to cycle racing. With FloBikes you can watch team INEOS, the swiss national team, bora Hansgrohe, Geraint Thomas and many others battle it out from one stage race to another. All you have to do is download the FloSports App on devices such as Apple TV, Roku and any iOS device.

Where to watch Tour De Suisse in New Zealand

There are a plethora of viewing options for those that want to know how to watch tour de Suisse in New Zealand. For one, you can catch every stage race from start to finish on ESPN. ESPN is available via Sky Sports in New Zealand, so all you need to do is have Sky Sports as part of your package. You can also live stream tour de Suisse on FetchTV.

Where to watch Tour De Suisse in the US

If you want to live stream tour de Suisse live streaming and happen to be in the US, you can catch the virtual racing action live on GCN, which is the Global Cycling Network. You can also access tour de Suisse streaming via the FloBikes app, FloSports. With these options, you never have to worry about missing the grand tour action. And what’s great about the FloSports App is that you can unsubscribe at any time.

How to watch Tour De Suisse outside your country with a VPN

watch tour de suisse live stream

If you live in the US for instance, and you happen to be on vacation when next the Tour De Suisse is scheduled to run, it can be quite frustrating not being able to see all the action. Fortunately, there are a plethora of streaming services you can use to get all that. However, there is one barrier to watching peter Sagan and others on the live stream (geofences). Geofences are barriers that ensure the content produced for a specific region or nation can’t be viewed outside the original country. For instance, your US content cannot be seen outside the US and vice versa. Thankfully, a VPN helps solve this.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network helps to change your IP address to one that is suitable, preferably of the chosen country so that you can gain access to all your content. A VPN also provides you with anonymity and privacy online by creating a private network. This is done by masking your IP address thereby making your online traffic almost undetectable. Thanks to a VPN, you also don’t have to worry about annoying problems like slow speeds or buffering which your ISP could put on your internet connection. Having a VPN also lets you catch up on the grand tour action of the tour de Suisse.

To live stream tour de Suisse, you will need to select a VPN of your choice. One of the best VPNs to select is ExpressVPN. The main reason I recommend ExpressVPN was because of my positive personal experience with them plus with ExpressVPN you get improved server options and special features.

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As soon as you install ExpressVPN, you just need to pick a server located in your country. For instance, if you are interested in all the action that Eurosport in the UK, you simply have to select a UK server on the app. Once you do that you can watch tour de Suisse. If you want to access Sky Sports NZ, you choose a VPN in New Zealand and get access to tour de Suisse live streaming.

When selecting your VPN, you have to know ahead of time the servers you would like to use, coupled with the right streaming service. This is down to the fact that the Tour de Suisse stages are held live. It would be terrible to miss out on the excitement simply because your chosen server or streaming service doesn’t work.

The 5 Best VPN for live streaming Tour De Suisse online

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What else can I do with a VPN?

how to watch tour de suisse live stream

While most people get a VPN so they can stream or unblock content like the tour de Suisse live streaming, there are also other reasons why you can use a VPN.

Thanks to a VPN, you are able to protect your data and identity from thieves. Having a VPN can substantially improve your online security. Most people don’t know that using public Wi-Fi networks can raise the risk factor of their information and identity being stolen. When you connect to such networks using a VPN, you can be sure that your internet activity remains encrypted. What this means is that should a hacker try to snoop on your traffic, they won’t be able to get any of your personal information.

Having a VPN keeps your identity secure. If you want to become anonymous for reasons best know to you, you can utilise a VPN to do just that. This is done by design, as a VPN simply hides your IP address when you visit websites.


The Tour de Suisse is considered by the professional cycling committee as a proving ground for the tour de France, so you are bound to get the very best action from athletes looking to prove their worth. This means you certainly do not want to miss out on the action. Thankfully, this article explains how to watch tour de Suisse live streaming either via TV channels or via tour de Suisse live streaming platforms. Regardless of the option you choose, you should remember to stick with a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN that comes with multiple security features and user-friendly options. Let’s get to watch the Tour de Suisse.

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