How To Watch Six Nations Live in 2024

This year’s iteration of the 6 Nations rugby online championship is going to be a welcome addition to any sports fan’s calendar. The competition aims to bring together the 6 nations with England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales all making yet another appearance at this tournament. If you are reading this, chances are you are interested in how you can watch 6 Nations online.

Well, this article aims to highlight the numerous ways you can watch the Six Nations live stream in certain countries, as well as how you can watch Six Nations online from anywhere in the world using a VPN. Let’s begin!

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Last Updated On: 22 April 2024

Where to watch Six Nations in the UK

If you are curious on how to watch 6 Nations in the UK, then you will be pleased to know that you can catch all the action via 3 channels. They are ITV Sport, BBC Sport and S4C.

The coverage of the entire tournament is shared between ITV and BBC, while S4C picks up selected Welsh games, providing Welsh-language coverage. For those looking to watch 6 Nations online, then you can choose to do so either on the ITV Hub or BBC iPlayer platform.

What’s great about these two services is that you can choose to watch Six nations live streaming on the mobile apps or on the respective websites. Unfortunately, British fans don’t have a way to watch the Six Nations live stream free.

If you happen to not be in the UK at that time but are still interested in how you can Watch Six Nation’s lives stream free, then read on to the end to discover how you can do so using a VPN.

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Where to watch Six Nations in Australia

For those trying to catch the Six Nations live streaming in Australia, you should note that you might have to be up late into the night or up quite early in the morning. You can catch all the action of the 6 Nations live stream via beIN sports. beIN Sports is showing all the games of this year’s Six Nations tournament for its Australian viewers.

One of the best ways to access beIN Sports to watch 6 Nations live stream is to add it onto your Foxtel package. Doing this does attract an additional fee, but it is a seamless way to watch all the action of the rugby six nations live stream.

beIN offers a wonderful over-the-top service with a lot of value. It lets you stream quite a lot of exciting sporting events, such as the homegrown AFL and NRL seasons. There are two packages: Basic and Premium, with Premium offering the same content but over 3 screens.

Additionally, you can get a 14-day free trial to enjoy the service at no cost to you.

Where to watch Six Nations in Canada

Canadian rugby fans looking to enjoy the 6 nations live stream will be pleased to know that there is an avenue to catch the Six Nations live streaming in Canada.

DAZN, is a streaming platform that has the broadcasting rights to Six Nation’s live stream.

What’s even great about all catching the 6 nations live stream this way is that you can actually catch the Six Nations live stream free of charge. Yes, DAZN offers a 30-days free trial to new subscribers. So if you time it right, you could actually watch Six Nations online free at no cost to you.

If you choose to subscribe, you can do so using the monthly or the yearly package.

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Where to watch Six Nations in New Zealand

When it comes to being able to access the Six Nations live streaming in New Zealand, Kiwi rugby fans will be happy to know they can watch Rugby Six Nations live stream free on Sky Sports New Zealand.

This is possible because apart from Sky Sports being a satellite sports channel, it also operates a streaming service where Sky TV subscribers can access the Six Nations live stream as well as any other entertainment in their satellite TV package.

Cord cutters are also not left out as they can enjoy all the action of the 6 Nations live stream on Sky Sports Now, which is Sky’s streaming-only platform. This can be done by simply getting a weekly pass.

Where to watch Six Nations in the US

Rugby fans trying to access the Six Nations live streaming in USA will be pleased to know that NBC Sports is where they can watch Six Nations live streaming. Before now, US rugby fans had to get the NBC Sports Gold Rugby Pass just to access the 6 Nations live stream.
That isn’t the case anymore. The Rugby Pass is gone, having been absorbed into Peacock, NBC’s new streaming platform. This in turn makes rugby and all the 6 Nations live stream more accessible to native US rugby fans and ex-pats.

Not only do you get access to watch 6 Nations, but you also get access to the Heineken Champions Cup and Premiership Rugby as well. There are also other sports coverage, movies and TV shows you can access.

Another reason why you should try this streaming platform is that you get 7 days to see if the service is for you without making a financial commitment. Yes, you can access the Six Nations live stream free at no expense.

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How to watch Six Nations outside your country with a VPN

We have talked about where to watch Six Nations, but one thing we have not talked about is how to watch 6 nations rugby online using a VPN.

You might wonder why do you need a VPN, when you already know where to watch 6 Nations. Well, the truth is a VPN is useful if you are outside your home country either on holiday or having relocated and you discover you have no way to catch all the action using your native broadcaster.

One reason you aren’t able to do so is that local broadcasters tend to place geographical restrictions on their platforms, ensuring that their content can only be viewed by those within their chosen jurisdiction.

There are two ways around this; one would be to take the next flight back to your broadcaster’s country to make sure you don’t miss any of the action. The second is, you can simply download and install a VPN to watch Six Nation live stream free.

Not sure about you, but the second option seems a lot more viable and cheaper. Using a VPN, you simply trick your chosen platform into thinking you are currently in its jurisdiction. Doing this means you don’t have to worry about scouring the internet for an illegal stream, which could put you in all sorts of trouble.

Try a VPN for free

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Best VPN for watching Six Nations

We have taken the time to scour the web for the best VPN for watching Six Nations and we have come to the conclusion that none other than ExpressVPN does the job well. However, in the spirit of fairness, we have to list some close runners that almost do the job as good as ExpressVPN. They are:

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2 Private Internet Access UK (PIA) Review 2024
3 CyberGhost Review 2024
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5 NordVPN Review 2024

What else can I do with a VPN?

Apart from being able to watch the Six Nations live stream free, using a VPN can help you do the following:
– Browse the internet anonymously
– Safely use public Wi-Fi connections
– Access blocked websites and social media platforms


With the information above, you should have no problem when you want to watch 6 Nations online. Remember to use ExpressVPN if you are out of the country or looking to try out a different way to access the Six Nations live stream free.

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