How to Watch Rugby World Cup 2023 for Free From Anywhere

Rugby Union is a unique sport with a moderate fan base all over the world. Rugby World Cup is the largest tournament that takes place every 4 years. 2023 marks the 10th installment destined to take place in South Africa. This is our guide on how to stream Rugby World Cup from anywhere in the world and free. Keep reading to know everything before you watch Rugby World Cup UK.

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This article was last updated on 12 June 2024

Best Sites to Watch Rugby World Cup Live Stream

  • United States: NBC Sports
  • Australia: Stan Sport
  • South Africa: SuperSport

United States

Thanks to the popularity of rugby union in the United States, NBC has stepped in. You can watch all the games on NBC Sports, both on TV and on the app. It’s a free platform too!


Stan Sports is the best sports media outlet in Australia, and it’s also very economical for viewers. If you’re in the country for work, get the Stan Basic plan for only $10 to watch RWC. You can also use the 7-day free trial if you’re there f   less than a week.

South Africa

As the host of the 10th installment of the Rugby World Cup live stream, South Africa has a very good channel for the residents. It’s none other than SuperSport. Just download the app for free and learn how to stream Rugby World Cup on your phone or laptop.

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The Best Sites to Watch Rugby World Cup Live Stream Free

  • France: MYTF1
  • United Kingdom: ITVX
  • New Zealand: Prime TV
  • Australia: 9Now


The people in France can tune in to watch RWC on MYTF1. It’s a completely free channel that will broadcast all the games.

United Kingdom

If you’re in the UK and wondering how to stream Rugby World Cup, you have nothing to worry about. Just check out ITVX on match days, and you’ll be able to watch them for free.

New Zealand

The government of New Zealand has sanctioned Prime TV to broadcast the matches and let people watch Rugby World Cup.


Pretty much all big-scale sports events are covered by Channel 9 in Australia. It also has a streaming counterpart known as 9Now. You can learn how to stream Rugby World Cup for free on 9Now.

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How to Stream Rugby World Cup Outside the Availability Zone

As you can see, Rugby World Cup live stream is available in a handful of countries. Why do you think that is?

The answer is geo-restrictions. It’s a policy of broadcasting companies and sports promoters that don’t allow them to stream the sport worldwide. Generally, countries that don’t come under the coverage area can’t watch Rugby World Cup online.

Do you have the same fate? The answer is no. You can learn how to stream Rugby World Cup with a VPN. If you’re not familiar, a VPN is a tool that can encrypt your internet connection by replacing the existing IP address.

It’s the IP address that restricts your access to web platforms. When you change it with a VPN, Rugby World Cup live streaming becomes a piece of cake for viewers.

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How to Watch RWC Live Stream with a VPN

There are a few steps if you want to use a VPN to watch RWC in the UK or anywhere else. It’s especially true if you’re not in the UK due to work or vacation plans. Follow our steps below.

  1. First up, get yourself an ExpressVPN subscription using our coupon. All you have to do is click any of the links to get 49% off and 3 months extra on the yearly plan.
  2. Decide which device you want to use to watch RWC. Download the right client for that device and log in.
  3. If you’re outside of the UK, search the United Kingdom and connect to a VPN server.
  4. Log in to your ITVX account and start watching Rugby World Cup live stream.

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It’s only normal to feel tempted to use any of the plethora of free VPNs on the internet. If you can do it for free, why spend money, right?

Well, we’re certain you’ll change that thought after you learn about the risks of free VPNs. First up, they can barely hold a stable connection, causing your IP to be exposed. Second, they are not charging you because they’re making money by selling your data to 3rd parties. Third, free VPNs can have backdoors that inject trojans or other malwares into your system to steal your personal data.

Do you still want to use a free VPN? We didn’t think so. Rather, use ExpressVPN. The top-notch Split Tunnelling paired with military-grade encryption will keep your data safe. Also, the ultra-fast servers across 94 countries will let you watch any sports event, at any time throughout the year!

There is no free trial, but you can get the ExpressVPN 30-day money-back guarantee for the duration of the Rugby World Cup live stream. Cancel on time and you’ll get a full refund.

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The Best VPNs to Watch Rugby World Cup Live Stream

ExpressVPN is one of the finest VPN choices in the world. Thankfully, there are strong competitors to this provider, and competition is always good for the consumers. Here are our top picks for VPN to watch Rugby World Cup.

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2 Private Internet Access UK (PIA) Review 2024
3 CyberGhost Review 2024
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5 NordVPN Review 2024

The Benefits of VPNs

Here are some additional benefits of using a VPN other than watching RWC in the UK.

  • Secure Wi-Fi: You may often use public Wi-Fi networks at airports or restaurants. A VPN is a good way to protect your browsing on public networks.
  • Multiplayer Gaming: Packet loss is a major issue for online gamers. Using a VPN allows connecting to a different server for a stronger and lag-free gaming experience.

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So, how to watch the Rugby World Cup? By now, it should be clear to you that ExpressVPN is the best tool to watch RWC anywhere in the world. You can get it at 49% cheaper than the regular price if you order now. The provider also offers 3 additional months on the yearly package.

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