How to Watch Giro d’Italia 2024: Everything You Need to Know

The Giro D’Italia is perhaps one of the oldest and most popular road cycling events in the world. There are numerous twists and turns literally and figuratively in this road cycling, even that sees the world’s greatest cyclists like Vincenzo Nibali, Trek Segafredo and Geraint Thomas battle it out for the coveted pink jersey.  If you are reading this article, then you are definitely interested in how to watch Giro D’Italia. This article helps to highlight all the information you could need and point you to where you can enjoy your Giro D’Italia streaming. Let’s begin!

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Where to watch Giro D’Italia in the UK:

If you have ever asked yourself where can I watch the Giro D Italia or how to watch Giro D’Italia, then you have come to the right place. If you are a fan of the grand Prix and you live in the UK, you will be happy to know that you can watch Giro D’Italia live on Eurosport. This also means that you can get the Giro live stream using the Eurosport Player app. The app can be downloaded on Samsung Smart TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV, iOS and Android tablets/mobiles.

watch giro d italia

If you want to watch the Giro live stream or learn how to watch Giro D’italia without making the commitment to a full Sky TV package, you might be interested in the Eurosport Player Monthly Pass. It is a monthly subscription that you cancel at any time.

Where to watch Giro D’Italia in Australia:

For those in Australia looking to watch the Giro live stream or learn how to watch Giro D’Italia, you’ll be happy to know that Eurosport is the country’s official broadcaster and a way to watch the Giro live stream. To get this live coverage you will have to be a Fetch subscriber. This means if you have a broadband subscription with Optus, Internode or iiNet, then you get to watch Giro D’Italia without having to pay a dime which makes learning how to watch Giro D’Italia rewarding. For Live-stream Giro d’Italia content, you can also get a Fetch box, which lets you stream the Giro from the individual time trials to the final week. This perhaps the easiest way for those looking to watch the Giro live stream or understand how to watch Giro D’Italia.

where to watch giro d italia

Where to watch Giro D’Italia in Canada:

In Canada you can watch live Giro D Italia stream from the individual time trials to the final week via Fubo.TV. Fubo.TV is a subscription-based tv channel. You can also watch all the Giro D Italia live coverage on FloBikes. With either of these streaming services, you can get to live-stream Giro d’Italia on any device you please.

Where to watch Giro D’Italia in New Zealand:

If you are in New Zealand, you can watch the Giro live stream via Sky Sports, as it is the official broadcaster.  If you happen to be on the go during any of the stages of the grand tour, you and other cycling fans can catch up via the Sky Go app. With the Sky Go app, you can simply pay for a monthly pass to live stream the premier league, cricket, golf, rugby and of course Giro D’Italia races.

Where to watch Giro D’Italia in the US:

American fans looking to watch the Giro D’Italia can do so the same way those in Canada do and that is the FuboTV live stream. Fubo can be described as a sport concentrated streaming tv channel just like Apple TV that lets anyone subscribe to watch the Giro and any other grand tours for a fee. Considering it is a live stream tv channel, you can watch this just about anywhere on any device such as streaming boxes, Smart TVs, tablets and smartphones. With so many options you really don’t have any reason to miss the Giro D Italia streaming.

How to watch Giro D’Italia outside your country with a VPN

A VPN or virtual private network provides you with online anonymity and privacy by creating a private network even from a public connection. Simply put, it helps you mask your IP address so that your online traffic is virtually untraceable.

Using a VPN can be advantageous as it helps deal get rid of any hindrances such as buffering and lags that your Internet Provider might put on your connection. It can also be helpful to access geo-blocked content such as the Giro D’Italia final. For instance, if you happen to be outside the UK and want to watch the Giro live stream final from your UK broadcaster you will be unable to do so as the content has been limited to those in the UK only. Having a VPN helps change that by changing your location to the UK and letting you catch up on the action as if you were still in the country.

how to watch giro d italia

To do this, however, you will have to select a VPN of your choice before you can enjoy the Live-stream Giro D’Italia. ExpressVPN is definitely recommended as the best VPN and most effective. ExpressVPN also has better server options.

Once you download your chosen VPN, select a server that places you in the relevant country. For instance, if you want to unlock NBC, you will have to select a server in the US and if you want ITV, then a British server would do.

Considering the Giro D’Italia races are held live, you will want to know in advance that your selected server and streaming service works.

Try a VPN for free (ExpressVPN)

While a paid VPN is best, you might not be ready to try out a paid service till you are sure you are getting value for money. That is where ExpressVPN comes in. With ExpressVPN, you can enjoy the best VPN software available without having to pay a dime. You should note that some features may be limited on the free version, however, they can all be unlocked by getting the paid version of ExpressVPN.

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Best VPN for watching Giro D’Italia

Perhaps the most effective method to ascertain which VPN is best to watch Live stream Giro D’Italia is to have a look at the features it possesses. It is important to note that the best VPNs for watching Giro D’Italia are always the paid ones.

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Connectivity Process

You will need a VPN that has various encryption modes when transferring information. The higher the number, the harder it would be to intercept whatever information is being transferred. The mode of encryption used from one VPN to another can differ. This is why you have to take the time out to search for a VPN that has the best high quality and stable protocols.

Customer Service Availability

The best VPN for watching Giro D’Italia needs to come with more than adequate customer service. This means that the company needs to be available over a multitude of platforms such as chat, phone and email. With this you can be sure to get their attention should you ever run into any issues.

Available Servers

There is nothing quite as frustrating as sitting down to watch Giro D’Italia only to discover that your chosen VPN does not have a server in your preferred country. The most effective VPNs all have servers in various parts of the world. Whatever VPN you choose needs to have the greatest number of servers so that you can access any geo-fenced content.

If Your Chosen VPN Mines Your Data

This is perhaps the most important choice you could make when choosing the best VPN for you. If you are using a free VPN, you have to consider how the company is able to offer you this service without taking a dime from you. Some free VPN companies sell their users’ information in order to pay for the service they give to you for free. If you are concerned about your privacy and your information, you will want to stick to a paid VPN service that doesn’t sell your information.

What else can I do with a VPN?

With a VPN you can do quite a lot. Not only do you get to watch Giro D’Italia live, but you can also use it to catch up on any of your local programming if you are outside the country on a vacation or for any other reason. You can also use a VPN in some cases to avoid any buffering or throttling issues that most Internet Service Providers put on their high data customers.

Another thing you can do with a VPN is to just simply protect your information and yourself from prying eyes. For instance, if you happen to live in a nation that places surveillance on its citizens, you can use a VPN to protect yourself and your actions from them.


There has never been a much better way to catch up with the action and tension of the stage14 thanks to the various options you have to access Giro Italia streaming channels. And thanks to a VPN it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, be it on holiday or even relocating, you can watch all of the Grand Prix action even if you are outside the country on holiday.

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