How To Watch Channel 4 From Abroad in 2024

If you are trying to stream channel 4 outside UK, you certainly are out of luck. Fortunately, there is a way to watch channel 4 from abroad. This article will break down all that you need to know and the tools, if any, required to watch channel 4 outside the UK. Read on to discover more!

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This article was last updated on 11 June 2024

Channel 4 streaming availability 

Before showing you how to stream channel 4 outside UK, it is important to provide some background on Channel 4.

stream channel 4 outside uk

Channel 4 is a prominent television network in the United Kingdom. It was launched on November 2, 1982, and operates as a public-service broadcaster funded by advertising revenue.

In addition to the main Channel 4, the network operates several other channels. These include E4, which primarily focuses on youth-oriented programming, and More4, which features documentaries, current affairs, and lifestyle content. There is also 4seven, which airs the most popular programs from the past week, and Film4, a dedicated movie channel. All of these platforms were renamed Channel 4 in 2022, to ensure the brand has one identity.

Now to focus on how to access channel 4 outside UK.

How to watch channel 4 abroad?

There are many reasons why you cannot watch channel 4 abroad. One of such reasons is due to TV rights. Broadcasters are required to place geographical restrictions on their content to ensure someone outside cannot access channel 4 outside UK.

It could be that the broadcaster or content publisher intends to sell that program’s broadcasting rights to another jurisdiction. If channel 4 doesn’t stick to the agreement, it could be in breach of its contract, causing a clash. This is why you cannot watch channel 4 outside the UK.

watch channel 4 outside the uk

A way to ensure that only those within the UK can watch channel 4 is via IP addresses. The platform checks your IP address and when it discovers it doesn’t originate within the UK, then it blocks your IP address from being able to access content.

Fortunately, there is a way around this. You can use a VPN to stream channel 4 outside UK.

A VPN stands for a virtual private network or protocol that enables you to move your internet traffic via a particular server. This simply means that with a VPN, you can alter your IP address and where your internet traffic originates from. For instance, if you are outside the UK in Canada, you can use a VPN to alter your Canadian IP address to one that originates in the UK to watch channel 4 live abroad.

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How to access channel 4 from abroad with a VPN

It goes without saying that Channel 4 is only available within the UK. This is down to distribution and copyright laws that restrict access channel 4 outside UK. In this guide, we will show you how to use a VPN to watch channel 4 outside the UK.

  1. The first thing you will need to do before being able to watch channel 4 outside the UK is to register a channel 4 account.
  2. After registering, you will have to get a VPN of your choice to stream channel 4 outside UK. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  3. Download and install the VPN onto your device. You might want to consider if the VPN you are using has a native application for your device. Fortunately, ExpressVPN works on numerous devices. This means you can watch channel 4 outside the UK using any device.
  4. Once you have installed a VPN, you should log in or create an account if you haven’t already.
  5. Once done, connect to a VPN server located in the UK
  6. Then head over to Channel 4 and login to your Channel 4 account to begin channel 4 streaming outside UK.
  7. There you have it; you can now watch channel 4 online outside UK.

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A quick search on the internet on how to watch channel 4 abroad will show that you need to use a VPN. That being said, there are various VPNs out there to select from, and that can make selecting the right one even more difficult.

access channel 4 outside uk

Fortunately, we have made this process easier by recommending ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN enables you to watch channel 4 outside the UK with no hassles and streaming lags. Not only do you get a streamlined user interface when trying to access channel 4 outside the UK, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. The 30-day money-back guarantee ensures that you can always get your money back if you aren’t pleased with your experience. Simply put, you can get to try the service out for an entire month at no additional cost to you.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN provides you with features such as unlimited bandwidth, ensuring you have no lagging or buffering issues when trying to access channel 4 outside UK. You also get a no log policy that ensures your traffic isn’t logged and sold to third parties.

And as said earlier, ExpressVPN is available on a host of platforms and browsers, ensuring you can stream channel 4 outside UK from whatever browser or device you please.

Thinking about trying out ExpressVPN? Try out the service for 30 days for free to access channel 4 outside UK.

The best VPNs to stream Channel 4 abroad

We have taken the time to test numerous solutions, comparing them to one another. These providers have been ranked according to the review process.

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The benefits of VPNs

There are various benefits associated with using a VPN. Apart from being able to stream channel 4 outside UK, you can use a VPN to bypass geo-blocks, fighting against censorship.

You can also use a VPN to access previously unavailable platforms and websites. For example, you can access Netflix content from other countries.

Having a VPN can also be useful if you want to increase your security and privacy protection. It does this by encrypting your data and hiding your IP address. This is particularly useful when using public Wi-Fi networks. With all these benefits, including being able to access channel 4 outside UK, you should have no issues.

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How to watch channel 4 abroad: Conclusion

After reading this article on how to watch Channel 4 abroad, you should have no issues at all. Remember to pick a VPN that can provide you unlimited bandwidth, ensuring you don’t have to deal with any buffering or lag when trying to watch channel 4 outside the UK.

That VPN happens to be ExpressVPN. With ExpressVPN, you can stream channel 4 outside UK for free thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee.

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