Best Guides 2024: How to Watch Bellator Live Stream Online Free

Bellator 260 is back and is a massive night for Mixed Martial Arts promotion. This is because this iteration is billed to have one of the largest audience Bellator has ever had. If you are a Bellator fan you are probably thinking of how to watch Bellator tonight or where you can watch Bellator live stream online. Let’s begin.

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Where to watch Bellator in the UK

where to watch bellator live stream in the uk

The great news for those wanting to know how to watch Bellator UK is that you can actually watch Bellator online free thanks to the BBC. Yes, the BBC is said to exclusively show every Bellator event live in the UK from 2024. What this means is that you can access the Bellator live stream via the iPlayer streaming platform. Additionally, since BBC is a national broadcaster, you can access the Bellator live-stream free of charge from anywhere you are in the UK. You can also watch Bellator live streaming via Sky Sports. If you want to access the Bellator-MMA live stream, you can do so through the Sky Sports Go app.

Where to watch Bellator in Australia

Want to know how to watch Bellator live streaming in Australia? Well, then you’d be pleased to know that you can live stream Bellator using Kayo Spots. Kayo Sports is a sport streaming platform that enables you to watch live sports such as football, MMA, golf, cricket and more. Additionally, you can watch the Bellator MMA live stream via Spike TV. Spike requires a subscription for you to live stream Bellator 260 lima.

Where to watch Bellator in Canada

If you want to know how to watch Bellator live streaming in Australia then you have come to the right place as you can enjoy Bellator 260 lima and witness fighters such as Douglas lima, Aaron Pico and Jason Jackson battle it out for the welterweight title on DAZN. DAZN is a streaming platform that lets its users watch Bellator live streaming and other sports. You could also live streaming Bellator via Showtime. The main card event is generally on Showtime.

Where to watch Bellator in New Zealand

Interested in how to watch Bellator in New Zealand? You can do so via Sky Sports NZ. The main card of this year’s Bellator is to be had on Sky Sports, Sky Arena. To access Sky Arena and the Bellator live stream, you will need to have a Sky tv subscription as well as the appropriate package.

Where to watch Bellator in the US

The great news for MMA fans looking for how to watch Bellator live streaming in the US is that you can access the main card of Bellator 260 for free across a host of streaming platforms. Yes, you can live stream Bellator and the Bellator live stream free. One of the avenues in which you can access Bellator live streaming via Showtime, which is said to be the future exclusive US broadcaster of all Bellator events. Additionally, you can also access the main card of the Bellator live-stream free on Bellator’s YouTube channel and Showtime Sports’ YouTube channel.

Additionally, you can live streaming Bellator via FuboTV and Pluto TV, two sports streaming platforms. For those that don’t want to live streaming Bellator online, you can live streaming Bellator on Tv providers such as Liberty, Armstrong, Buckeye, Suddenlink and Optimum. With these live streaming Bellator avenues, you can watch Bellator’s main card without having to get a Showtime subscription.

How to watch Bellator from anywhere with a VPN 

watch bellator live stream with vpn

Did you know that you could watch Bellator online from one streaming platform in one country while you are living in another country?

For you to do this, you will need to get a VPN. Basically, a VPN or virtual private network lets you access the Bellator MMA-live stream in Australia using Kayo Sports while you actually live in the UK. Additionally, the VPN offers you anonymity and privacy only by making a private network. This in turn ensures that your information such as your traffic and IP address are rendered undetectable.

A big attraction to using a VPN is that you can use it to circumvent geofencing issues you might face when trying to stream content from a media publisher outside your country.

Geofencing tends to happen because an online barrier created by a streaming service or content producer which stops content made for a particular region or country from being viewed by those outside the jurisdiction. What this means is that you will need to get a VPN to access say Kayo Sport to live streaming Bellator online while you are in the US. Without a VPN, you won’t be able to live stream Bellator using Australia’s Kayo Sports.

Try a VPN for free

If you want to get the very best experience when live streaming Bellator, you will have to make sure that only the best VPN is used. Now most people tend to stick to free VPNs as they are not ready to make the financial commitment to a VPN. Others do so simply because they do not understand the advantage a paid VPN has over a free one.  Well, with a paid VPN, you get a larger bandwidth, which means you can consume more content, a larger selection of server locations to select and more features.

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Best VPN for watching UFC

For those interested in what VPN to use when they want to live stream Bellator then you’ll be pleased to know that irrespective of your location on the planet, ExpressVPN is the choice for you. Thanks to ExpressVPN, you don’t have to be concerned about issues that typically come with other VPNs like lag, buffering and server unavailability.

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What else can I do with a VPN?

how to watch bellator live stream with vpn

For most people, using a VPN simply means that they are able to watch content on sites and platforms that ordinarily would have been blocked to them by content providers. However, there is a lot you could do with a VPN.

A VPN enables you to better your overall security while online. This means that when you go online using a VPN, you are being protected from any nefarious actors that might mean you harm. With a VPN, your information is secure, particularly when you use public Wi-Fi. Apart from that, having a VPN means that you can circumvent any intentional lag or buffering caused by your internet service provider throttling your speed. This tends to happen as some ISP prioritise one type of connection over another, particularly if you have been using too much bandwidth.

Another reason why you should consider using a VPN is that you can finally access any social media site that has been blocked off either by your ISP or government agency. Now you can understand why having a VPN extends far beyond simply using it to access Bellator live-stream free. 


So there you have it. This article highlights the various ways in which you can access a live stream Bellator and the ways to get around any geofencing that one broadcaster has put on their content making sure that those outside its content jurisdiction are unable to use it. Now, remember, when you do choose a VPN, choose one that has a large number of server locations, features and more. A great VPN that ticks all those boxes is ExpressVPN.

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