How To Watch FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 For Free

While the men’s world cup has come and gone, the women’s World Cup 2023 is on the away. It is the first time that this tournament have 32 teams, providing even more competitive action and excitement. In preparation for this iteration of the tournament jointly hosted by New Zealand and Australia, this article will tell you all that you need to know about how to watch women’s World Cup live stream. Read on!

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This article was last updated on 20 May 2024

The best streaming sites for FIFA Women’s World Cup live stream

If you are searching for suggestion on how to watch the women’s World Cup, then you have come to the right place.

  • United Kingdom: Eurosport
  • United States: Fox Sports
  • Canada: TSN


If you are interested in how to watch FIFA World Cup Women live stream, you will be pleased to know that you can catch all the action on Eurosport in the UK. Eurosport is a premium sports channel that is available on just about any satellite television package.

The great thing about accessing the women’s World Cup live streaming via Eurosport is that you don’t need an extra subscription. All you have to do is simply head over to and access the live stream.

Fox Sports

If you live in the United States, then Fox Sports is the channel for you. Fox Sports is America’s premium sports network that is available on cable and satellite tv packages. You only need to ensure your tv package is subscribed to the appropriate package.

Furthermore, you can also watch FIFA World Cup Women online via Fox Sports. This is accessible to those that subscribe to Fox’s streaming platform. This subscription is not free, however, you can get free trials and discounts that makes things better.


For Canadian fans of the women’s world cup, TSN provides access to the Women’s World Cup live stream. Just as with other options highlighted in this article, you can choose to watch FIFA World Cup Women live stream via your preferred cable or satellite television provider. Alternatively, you can choose to head over to TSN’s streaming platform that lets you access women’s World Cup live stream at no extra charge.

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The best free streaming sites to stream Women’s World Cup

The great thing about the Women’s World Cup is that you are bound to find a plethora of streaming platforms that let you access at no additional charge. With that in mind, here are the best ways to watch the Women’s World Cup free stream:

  • BBC iPlayer: If you currently reside in the United Kingdom, then BBC iPlayer is your one stop shop to watch FIFA World Cup Women online. As a free streaming site, you literally do not have to pay any money to watch FIFA World Cup Women live stream.
  • 7plus: For football fans that live in Australia, you can watch Women’s World Cup online via 7plus. 7plus is Australia’s Channel 7 streaming platform that lets you catch up on shows and sports at no extra cost.
  • RTBF: Those in Belgium can watch Women’s world Cup online via RTBF.
  • SRG SSR: Those in Spain can watch FIFA World Cup Women live stream via SRG SSR.

how to watch women's world cup online

How to watch Women’s World Cup online outside of availability zone

If there is anything you have noticed with the channels and streaming platforms to access women’s World Cup live stream is that these streaming platforms are tied to particular countries or territories. This simply means that if you are in Belgium and want to watch Women’s World Cup UK, then you wouldn’t be able to.

The reason for this is that content publishers and streaming platforms sign broadcasting licenses that limit their viewable content to a particular region. This ensures that individuals outside that region cannot access the content.

Simply put, geo-barriers stop licensed content from being shown outside its jurisdiction. This helps to protect licensing agreements. Nevertheless, there is a way you can access the Women’s World Cup live stream from just about anywhere in the world, and that is via a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

A VPN allows you to alter your IP address to originate from just about anywhere in the world.

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How to watch Women’s World Cup online with a VPN

Quick Guide: How to FIFA Club World Cup for FREE

  • First, select a VPN that has servers in the UK. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  • Install ExpressVPN and then connect to a server located in the UK.
  • Once done, you should be able to log into BBC iPlayer and watch FIFA World Cup Women live stream.

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A quick search on the internet will show that there are a plethora of VPN providers to select from. So many options means it can be difficult to find the one that is best for you. in that regard, we recommend ExpressVPN which has been ranked as one of the best VPN providers out there.

Not only does it have the best range of server locations, it comes with a 30 day moneyback guarantee that ensures you get 100% of your money back if you aren’t pleased with the service.

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The best VPNs to stream FIFA Women’s World Cup

We have tested a plethora of solutions to ensure you can watch Women’s World Cup online without any hitches. Each of the solutions listed in this article have been compared and ranked according to our review process.

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The benefits of VPNs

Now that we understand how to watch women’s world cup online, it is important to highlight the benefits associated with VPNS. There are a lot of benefits associated with VPNs apart from being able to watch Women’s World Cup online:

  1. Enhanced security: VPNs encrypt your internet connection, which makes it much more difficult for hackers to intercept and steal your data.
  2. Anonymity and privacy: By using a VPN, your online activities are hidden from your internet service provider (ISP), government, and other third parties who may be trying to monitor your internet usage.
  3. Remote access: If you need to access resources on your company’s network while working remotely, a VPN can give you secure access to those resources from anywhere in the world.
  4. Bypassing censorship and geo-restrictions: VPNs can be used to access websites and online services that may be blocked or restricted in certain regions or countries.
  5. Improved performance: Some ISPs throttle certain types of internet traffic, such as streaming video or file-sharing. By using a VPN, you can avoid such throttling and enjoy faster speeds.

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Can I use a VPN to access the FIFA World Cup Women live stream on any device?

Yes, you can use a VPN to watch women’s world cup live online on just about any device, so long as the device can download the VPN client.

Can I use free VPNs to watch Women’s World Cup?

Yes, you can use free VPNs to watch FIFA World Cup women live stream. However, when selecting a free VPN to watch Women’s World Cup online, you are better off picking one like ExpressVPN that doesn’t throttle your speed or keep you away from its premium features.

How to watch FIFA World cup?

You can find out how to watch FIFA World Cup live stream in our post.

Conclusion for how to watch Women’s World Cup online

Simply put, using a VPN to watch FIFA World Cup women live stream can be a great way to access live streams from anywhere in the world while protecting your online privacy and security. With a VPN, you can bypass regional restrictions and enjoy high-quality streaming of all the action from the tournament.

However, it’s important to choose a reliable VPN service with servers in the region where the live stream is being broadcasted and to ensure that VPN usage is allowed by the streaming service you plan to use. For this reason, ExpressVPN is the best VPN to go with for those wanting to know how to access the Women’s World Cup live stream.

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