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As a gamer myself, I know how precious having a speedy and reliable internet connection is. Having no ping and lag is also part of what makes for a smooth online gaming adventure. Because when your computer suddenly freezes up, it can get pretty violent. Trust me, been there done that. So, the ultimate solution is to get a VPN. And in this article, I debunk everything you need to know about the best VPN for gaming and how to improve your online performance.

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Why should I start gaming with VPN?

When it comes to increasing your gaming skills, gaming through VPN might not have come to mind. But what you didn’t expect is that there’s actually a lot of ways getting a VPN provider can help you in achieving this goal.

Improving Bandwidth

Needless to say, you need a good and stable internet connection is necessary in order to be able to play online games hassle-free. And your ISP (Internet Service Provider) actually is the source of anything that has to do with the speed and quality of the connection. It handles your bandwidth which is essentially the speed of your internet. But the thing is, your provider actually holds back your connection speed!

If you’ve noticed, each time you connect, you seem to have different speeds depending on what you do. This is because your ISP needs to ensure that most customers have the same speed as one another.

But if you get a gaming VPN, it has the ability to encrypt your traffic data. And this process basically ensures that your provider can’t see anything you’re doing online! Ergo, if your ISP doesn’t even know what you’re doing, then it can’t limit your internet speed anymore. So basically, gaming over VPN will definitely give you the best speed you can get out of your ISP. Hopefully, this article will help you get the best VPN for Steam, gaming VPN Android, or maybe just to help you find some best gaming VPN free or free VPN for online games.

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Stabilizing Your Internet Connection with the fastest VPN for gaming

If you didn’t already know, your internet uses something called the ‘packet switching method’. What this basically means is that your traffic is sent in little ‘packets’ and not as a whole – contrary to what most people think. Take an email, for example, you don’t actually send the entire email in one fail swoop. It gets broken down and has to travel separately to get to its target. Because of this, the packets have to travel through different routes. And when it gets to its destination, it gets compiled to make one whole email again. This is the same process that happens with anything you do online.

So, when you’re gaming online, packets could possibly get lost and destabilize your connection. But with a good VPN for gaming or the best VPN for Steam, you can prevent this from happening. Instead of using a packet switch network, the fastest VPN for gaming uses a circuit switch network. This way, you get a direct connection with the server.

Say Goodbye to Geo-restrictions with the best VPN for gaming

This is what VPNs are most famous for: bypassing geo-restricted sites. A feature like this isn’t only good for watching BBC or Netflix abroad, it actually benefits gamers in more ways than you think.

Play local wherever you are

This is why I like to use a gaming VPN service. There are many that are available, even for gaming VPN Android. Even when I’m not in the UK, I can get into any online tournament I want because it looks like I’ve never left the country. And if I am in the country, I can play any other geo-restricted games that wouldn’t usually be available to me.

This feature works with services like PlayStation, Steam, and Xbox live. Enjoy exclusive DLC content and games from any country you can think of!

Another way that getting the best gaming VPN benefits you is by saving you on a couple of pounds when buying games. I’m sure you’ve noticed that sometimes, newly released games have different price points depending on which country you buy them. Let’s say the US offers a new game for only £29.99 whereas the UK prices it at £49.99. With the best VPN for gaming, you can simply log into a US server and buy the game at a cheaper price.

Early access games

I know how it feels when you’re itching to play this new game only to find out it’s being released in Japan first. Depressing isn’t it? Well, say no more because gaming with VPN makes that all go away. Because you can change your IP address to make it look like you’re from another country, you too can get early access to games as if you’re actually there!

Team up with your friends

It can be hard to play with your friends when they’re in other countries. This is because not all of you have the same servers. While you may be interested in searching for free VPN for online games, or just interested in searching for gaming VPN Android or best gaming VPN free, we would still recommend subscribing to a premium VPN service. When you get the best gaming VPN, you can all play together on the same one! And while you’re at it, try to choose a provider that offers simultaneous connections so that you only need one subscription for everyone.

Shield yourself from DDoS attacks with the best gaming VPN

This is one of the biggest problems in the gaming world today. A Distributed Denial of Service attack happens when an enemy player floods your connection with requests in order to make your IP unavailable. This causes your game to become painfully slow and even crash.

What you need to do to protect yourself from this is get a VPN with a NAT firewall. So, when those petty gamers try to attack you, they’ll only be attacking the VPN game server and not your actual device.

You can even leave your game connection open for a long period of time without having to worry about security risks. Furthermore, rest assured that all your files and data are kept safe because of strong data encryption.

Setting Up the Best Gaming VPN

If you’re a PC user, then you can download and install a VPN directly with no problem. Just go to their site and follow their installation instructions. And, if you ever run into any problems, you can always contact their customer support and have them walk you through it step by step.

But if you prefer to use a console, you have to install the VPN on your router. And for this, you need to make sure your router supports a VPN connection.

Top VPN for Gaming

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for. The best of the best gaming VPN available today.

From the Best VPNs for Gaming list above, you can tell that there’s a lot of excellent gaming VPNs available on the market. Here’s what I’ve picked as my favourites and would like to share you the summaries:


This is the best and fastest VPN for gaming you could ever hope for. Indeed, it’s the number one choice for players all around the world because it actually specializes in online gaming. They have optimized their site and services to cater to the needs of all kinds of gamers!


ExpressVPN is actually one of the best all-rounder providers. From its name, it offers lightning speeds because it has over 3000+ servers in 90+ countries. It also guarantees your privacy because of its top-notch security features.


Don’t let its ranking fool you, CyberGhost has millions of loyal subscribers because it never fails to deliver quality service and speed. You can say it’s also one of the fastest VPN for gaming! It is also very suitable for gaming because it has an integrated NAT firewall.

To wrap things up:

You have everything you could possibly need to get the best VPN for gaming. Simply choose one of the top VPN for gaming or the best VPN for Steam to subscribe to and get back to your online tournament with a clear mind. Trying to find a free VPN for online games, or searching; “best gaming VPN free”, is something we would not suggest.

As an author of this website, I love to spend my free time writing about data security and encrypted connections. I don’t have the time to write daily. But I keep up to date with the latest tech. And I enjoy putting things to the test. My goal is to find the best technology for a secure and anonymous browsing experience. When I find something good, I write about it in an informative and entertaining way.

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