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Have you visited the Great Wall of China? I have. When I first moved to Shanghai, I encountered a different kind of wall – the great digital firewall of China. This is a crucial consideration for tourists, travellers, and expats in China, as using a China IP VPN to change their China IP address becomes essential. Finding the top China IP VPN might be challenging, as many VPN services are banned in the country. Explore more about VPNs in China to navigate the digital landscape with ease.

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Discover The Best VPN For China

Do you ever use Facebook? You Tube? Gmail? If you live in China, you probably don’t. The country has some of the most draconian content filtering laws on the planet. These and thousands more popular websites and services are either severely limited or outright banned and blocked. No wonder then, that VPN use in China is very common. For many, myself included, it is the only way to change my China IP address and use the internet, be it for entertainment or work purposes. China IP VPN services seem to be the way forward for computers and on my phone I tend to opt for some sort of VPN China Android service.

The Reporters Sans Frontières or Reporters Without Borders organization has gone on record for calling China the biggest prison in the world for the so-called Netizens (citizens of the net). And that the only way to get around the great digital firewall of China is to search for a VPN to use in China.

Also, you can’t go around using any old “VPN for China free” as that is surely a risk you don’t want to take. As the country and the government finds many VPN China illegal.  So, together let’s find out which is the best VPN for China, best VPN China Android services and what you can do to alter your China IP address.

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Why learn how to use VPN in China?

While there are a lot of VPN users here, there are thousands if not millions of locals and expats like yourself, who simply don’t know how to use VPN in China, what VPN’s are or why they need one, to begin with. Many VPNs have been also blocked by China, resulting in a “VPN China Blocked” and “VPN China illegal” online crisis through out the country. There are a lot of people in China who have never thought about using Google to check next weeks fishing trip forecast because they simply can’t rely on that it will be there. They had Google China, a watered-down and heavily monitored version of the search engine, but that too has been shut down and moved to Hong Kong in 2010.

When I lived in Shanghai from 2005 to 2007 I used (tried to) the Chinese Google, but knowing that Mr Wei – the Chinese equivalent of Joe Bloke, is literally looking at my searches as I punch them in, made my skin crawl.

So what is best VPN for China? If only answering that question was that easy. Welcome to my special little corner on the internet. I have dedicated it to answer that question and many more concerning VPN’s, also known as Virtual Private Networks.

What is Virtual Private Network?

A VPN is a type of computer software, that allows you to become and remain anonymous to any government or private snooping. It keeps your location safe, your data encrypted and personal information secure. More than that, it allows you to access websites and various types of online services despite local Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) actively blocking them.

Do you want to use the world wide web as if you were anywhere in the world? With the right VPN software, you can. And in this case, you’ll be wanting to get yourself a China IP VPN (or VPN China Android for phones) instead of some random VPN for China Free service.

Why do I need a VPN?

If your personal liberties and human rights not being stomped on is not enough of an incentive, there are many benefits to using a VPN. In addition to bypassing arbitrary limitations, someone else decided on it also allows you to use various online services that are otherwise geographically limited. That USA Netflix subscription? Boy, wouldn’t it be nice to watch the shows and movies as if you are actually in the US?

Ever tried to watch a youtube video sent to you by a friend abroad, only to be met with “This content is unavailable” in your country? Once you find the best VPN to use in China, that too will be a thing of the past. Keep in mind, that depending on where you view that youtube video, you’ll want a slightly different VPN service. VPN China Android for Android phones, and China IP VPN for computers.

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Just tell me what is the VPN to use in China.

Not that easy. There needs to be a bit of thought behind your choice of VPN. There are many VPN’s out there, and not all of them are made equal. As with anything that does everything, it more often than not does not do a thing. A tongue twister I know, but true regardless. The “Jack of all trades, master of none” saying applies to VPN’s perfectly.

You might just want to skip paying for a premium service and use some sort of VPN for China free service in order for you to change your China IP address. Of course, this is not recommended. Plus, there’s also the issue of the fact that you might find many VPNs unworkable, as the status: VPN China illegal is quite common.

If you want your VPN to do specific things and do them well, you need me and this handy site for you to figure it out. So in order to answer your earlier question about best VPN to use in China, you need to consider what would you value the most in your VPN.

It’s security? It’s anonymity? It’s encryption? Its ability to mask your location? There simply is no VPN out there that will do it all equally well. To find the best VPN for China you will need to consider these things, and remember to stay away from the VPN for China free services!

Here are our recommendations for the best VPN’s to use in China

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