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There are many ways to enjoy Apple TV, and getting a VPN promises even more entertainment value for the device. VPNs bypass those geo-roadblocks that prevent you from accessing premium content on your Apple TV. But which among the VPNs work best? Is ExpressVPN Apple TV the best VPN to watch Netflix and Hulu? Let’s have a look-see.

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Reasons to use VPN with Apple TV

There are so many reasons to use a VPN with Apple TV.

You can access geo-blocked content. Ever got hooked on an awesome preview on social media and decided you gotta see that show, whatever it takes? I have. I’m sure you’ve also gone to great lengths to get some access to content you crave for. However, there are shows you’d wanna watch on American Netflix but are geographically restricted from doing so because you’re not in the US. If however, you’re in the UK, it wouldn’t be a problem.

A VPN resolves this complication. What it does is spoof your location to make it appear like you’re in an area that is ALLOWED access to that content. Neat, right? So if you need to watch shows to your heart’s content, VPN is the answer to unblock Netflix Apple TV. Of course, this also applies when using Apple TV abroad.

best vpn for apple tv

You can enjoy content safely. Dangers exist when your devices connected to the Internet. Hackers and criminal element don’t take a day off, so you’ll get peace of mind with a VPN. The best VPN for Apple TV successfully masks your identity, masks your location, and does not record your activity. Therefore cyber no-gooders can’t hack or steal information from you.

Bear in mind that these protections are only available with a paid subscription. Sure, you can have Apple TV VPN free of charge, but don’t expect the full range of features. So don’t expect to unblock Netflix Apple TV with free trials, because they have intentionally reduced server locations to choose from.

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Cream of the crop: ExpressVPN Apple TV

You may have asked the question, “Can I watch Netflix on Apple TV?”, and the answer is Yes. Not only that, but the best way to unblock Netflix Apple TV is through the best VPN for Apple TV. After thorough testing, here’s my top five list! Just my five cents – the ExpressVPN Apple TV experience is the most awesome of them all. So since there can only be one choice, I recommend ExpressVPN.

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If you wanna binge-watch movies on American Netflix on Apple TV, ExpressVPN is a must-have. This is the best VPN for Apple TV that can unblock Netflix Apple TV AND give you amazing speeds, no data caps, unlimited server switches, and configurable settings.

Since buffering when watching Netflix is a major pain, ExpressVPN Apple TV’s exceptional speeds is a relief. It also guarantees that you stream with confidence, with its military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, auto kill switch, no-logging policy and IP/DNS leak protection. If you’re an Apple employee, this VPN goes above and beyond what your AppleConnect VPN can do.

How to use ExpressVPN Apple TV?

Using VPN on your Apple TV requires more than just installing the app. You need to install ExpressVPN on your router directly. There are lots of available routers on the market but to be safe, purchase a pre-configured router. You can also do the Apple TV VPN Airplay route if you have second thoughts about using VPN through routers. This is an easier mode of setting up your Express VPN Apple TV but is less secure.

unblock netflix apple tv

Of course, there are good and bad sides to using your VPN for Apple TV via a router. With a VPN Netflix Apple TV experience is more secure and can bypass geo-roadblocks seamlessly. By using an Apple TV proxy server, you get authorization to access Netflix and Hulu. Aside from that, the VPN applies to all IoT devices surrounding it, so you get round-the-clock security on your security cameras, too. Also, with a router present, everyone who logs in to the network gets VPN protections. The downside to this is a tedious installation. My advice? Seek a professional to help you with configuring the router.

ExpressVPN Apple TV free trial: worth it?

Who doesn’t want free stuff? I certainly do, but free trials have a quid pro quo. Apple TV VPN free trials allow you to test what a VPN can do. They aren’t meant for continuous use. Why? Because these Apple TV VPN free offerings don’t provide full security and coverage compared to premium subscriptions. Speeds are deliberately reduced, servers are limited, and downloads have a data cap.

If you use an Apple TV VPN free trial to watch Netflix, be prepared for annoying buffering, ads, and potential identity breach. If you ask me, it’s best not to risk it. A free trial is great for testing the waters, but you need to go the extra mile and purchase a paid subscription to maximize the benefits of a VPN service.

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How to set up the Best VPN for Apple TV?

Using a premium VPN for Apple TV is easy. I’ve outlined some steps below.

Via Router

  1. Purchase a pre-configured router from the manufacturer’s website.
  2. Get a paid ExpressVPN subscription.
  3. Take the Ethernet cable and connect it to the router.
  4. On your browser, type or alternatively,
  5. Log in using the username “Admin” and the password located at the bottom of the router.
  6. Set up your ExpressVPN account and activate using the 23-digit code.
  7. Tweak the Wi-Fi connection and hit the tab “VPN Connection.”
  8. Click on any location and click “Connect.”
  9. You have now successfully connected your ExpressVPN Apple TV to the Wi-Fi!

apple tv vpn airplay

Via AirPlay

  1. Find Apple TV Settings, go to AirPlay, then hit ON.
  2. Ensure all your Apple devices connect to a similar Wi-Fi.
  3. Go to the bottom of your Apple device, find the Control Center, then click AirPlay.
  4. When the Apple TV device appears on the list, tap it.
  5. Click the Mirroring option to show the content played on the device.
  6. Download and install ExpressVPN Apple TV. You can get the app here.


Wrapping up, a VPN brings enjoyment and peace of mind in more ways than one. By being able to watch hundreds of TV shows and movies from the Apple or Netflix libraries, Express VPN Apple TV promises personalized and secure entertainment for you and your loved ones. This is why it is the top VPN for Apple TV.

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