NoLagVPN Review 2024: Enjoy the Best Warzone Experience


You should note that NoLag VPN for warzone isn’t technically a VPN. It doesn’t have a safe connection, new IPs, encryption security, or an expansive network of servers. Nevertheless, it does serve a single purpose: to provide users with easy lobbies in Call of duty warzone. This is a singular job, but NolagVPN does this better than anyone else.

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This article was last updated on 21 May 2024


NoLagVPN was created in the second half of 2021, and has since that time made a name for itself as the right tool for those that want warzone NoLag VPN or NoLagVPN warzone. There really isn’t that much information about the provider, and people seemingly don’t care about that. But it comes as a surprise that NoLagVPN is based in Belgium.

nolag vpn review

The entire premise of NoLagVPN is to enable users to access easy lobbies in Call of duty warzone.


When it comes to actually providing a VPN service, the only VPN you get is in the NoLagVPN name. While NoLagVPN is created using the OpenVPN connecting protocols and in essence works just like other types of VPNs, it still is only useful in playing Call of duty warzone. And that’s about it. Calling NoLagVPN a VPN might in fact seem a bit generous in this NoLag VPN review.


Plans and Prices

While NoLag VPN warzone or warzone NoLagVPN doesn’t offer that many features like other VPNs, it does beat them soundly when it comes to pricing. For instance, a 1 month subscription will cost about  £7.90 which is a little steep. Nevertheless, you can get a 6-month subscription which is cheaper at  £6.50 per month. You then have the 1-year plan that provides the best value for money, and it costs just  £4.90 per month.

nolag vpn warzone

On one hand, most people tend to steer clear of long-term subscription plans when it comes to VPN and we feel the same way here. There is really no need of purchasing a year-long supply of NoLag VPN warzone. This is especially true when you consider rumors of Warzone finally cracking down on VPN users. As a gamer, the last thing you want to do is to get shadowbanned or become blocked from the platform simply because you are using NoLag VPN for warzone and you need to take note of that in this NoLag VPN review or NoLagVPN review.

Using the VPN


Since it isn’t a VPN in the true sense, as it doesn’t change your IP address, it isn’t the best for gaining more Netflix libraries.


While most people tend to use VPN for torrenting, NoLagVPN should certainly never be one of the VPNs mentioned in that regard. The reason for this is, is that it doesn’t support P2P connections and torrenting.

nolag vpn for warzone

Yes, NoLagVPN does have great downloading speeds but it is the worst thing you can use for torrenting. For one, the NoLag VPN warzone doesn’t change your IP address, so if you were to launch a torrent client, your original IP address will be exposed to all. You should definitely find another VPN for torrenting.


In this NoLag VPN review, If you want a VPN that can bypass the government blocks placed on sites and platforms in China, then NoLag VPN is not for you. It was built as a NoLag VPN for warzone.

Video Games

When it comes to video games, the only criteria that NoLagVPN claims to excel in, there is a lot more than meets the eye. For one, the video game world is massive, with so many titles and ways to play. NoLag VPN for warzone only works for Call of Duty Warzone and is only effective on PC. So, it isn’t really the best choice for other consoles. Nevertheless, it does its job effectively, enabling users to gain access to some of the easiest lobbies.


Windows Client


The interface is pretty straightforward. One of the reasons for this could be down to the fact that NoLag VPN warzone doesn’t come with a lot of features, so there really isn’t that much to fiddle with.

nolagvpn warzone


The settings are pretty user-friendly as well. You get the choice of 6 country locations and that’s about it. The fact that NoLag VPN for warzone has a singular focus means that users can simply select a country and then focus on what really matters, the gaming.

Other Applications

At this moment, this VPN only functions on PC.

Test Results


Speed is essentially important for your user experience when trying out a VPN service. That being said, there are a lot of factors that affect the speed you experience. For one, you need to consider where the connected VPN server is and where your device is. You also have to consider how many people are using the service.

warzone nolagvpn

NoLag VPN for warzone claims that it doesn’t affect your speed at all, however, all VPN protocols can be heavy since they add encryption to your service. NoLag VPN warzone is able to avoid this by not having any encryption and only using a bit of your connection to link you to distance Warzone lobbies.

If you want a VPN that doesn’t heavily and negatively impact your connection speed, then you will need to consider ExpressVPN.

DNS leaks and torrenting

Over the course of this NoLag VPN review, we had to ensure that this NoLag VPN for warzone was capable of doing what it said. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to seamlessly identify DNS leaks by simply checking connection speeds. The way to do so is to use our in-house tools to test for DNS leaks.

You don’t have to worry about DNS leaks on NoLag VPN warzone is that it doesn’t come with any of the typical VPN servers and features.


Customer Service 

When it comes to customer service, you can only access NoLag VPN warzone via email. And that’s something you need to note in this NoLag VPN review. It doesn’t have any other way for its subscribers to communicate. There is a FAQs side to help you with your inquiries, however, this might be inadequate for some users and when you ask if there is NoLag VPN free trial, the answer to this is no.


In all, calling NoLag VPN warzone a VPN might be a bit exaggerating. Its VPN properties don’t go beyond the name, so if you are looking for something that offers better as a VPN, with a wide range of server locations, encryption on your connection, and a zero-logging policy, then you need to look no further than ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN is a true VPN. So when you ask “is nolagvpn legit” we say try ExpressVPN.

NoLagVPN is built on the OpenVPN TCP protocol, but it only uses it as a means to change your gaming location. When using NoLagVPN, you are using the OpenVPN app.

7.2 Total Score
NoLagVPN Review

NoLagVPN is built on the OpenVPN TCP protocol, but it only uses it as a means to change your gaming location. When using NoLagVPN, you are using the OpenVPN app.

Privacy and security
Value for money
Ease of use
  • It offer easy access to lobbies in Call of Duty: Warzone
  • It is best to access Warzone, it does it better than anyone else
  • It doesn't come with encryption
  • It doesn't come with security
  • It doesn't come with a safe connection
  • It doesn't come with new IPs
  • It doesn't come with an expansive server network
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