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What is the one thing any expat living in Australia remembers the most from their homeland? Marmite? That overpriced beer you kept buying from your local artisan brewery just down the road? Maple syrup? No. Well, yes actually, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make here. The real treasure for me when I finally moved to Australia for 5 years was easy access to my websites, data and most important of all – my Netflix. I accomplished all this with the best VPN Australia server.

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Are You Looking For An Australian VPN?

I am a bitter mover I guess. Most places I have moved to, and there is a long list of those, I tend to lock myself away from all the new sights and smells and experiences. I would much rather re-watch all of the Die Hard movies than go and explore my new environment. At least at first, it’s a kind of self-preservation and coping mechanism. I find I am overwhelmed easy and the new experiences in the first few months, they usually don’t discriminate between being good or bad. They all come at once.

I prefer to watch from the inside out for a while, so I can tackle “Straya” on my own terms and at my own pace. I found out pretty quick that I am not the only one suffering from this similar kind of outlook. There are thousands of expats moving to sunny Australia every year. That means thousands of travel-exhausted expats are going to struggle with the internet as much as I was. They too would need to figure out what is the best VPN Australia has to offer and then decide which VPN Australia server is for them.

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That is the very reason you find yourself on my website!

I built this little corner of the internet for myself and people like you – English speaking expatriates that are eager to improve their internet usage in a country notorious for bad connections and internet infrastructure monopoly. Finding the best VPN service Australia can use should be on top of any budding Australia expats homework list. Preferably before they move there.

Why bother with the hassle of setting up a VPN?

Australia is one of the countries where I have lived the most and where my personal experience in accessing my world wide web shines the brightest. In part that is due to the rapidly growing reasons to get a good VPN while living there. To find the best value VPN, Australia needs to advertise to any incoming visitors in my opinion. When I pay for a shoddy internet service that is unreliable at best, I expect it to be censorship free and non-invasive. Those expectations were crushed pretty early on as Australia actively blocks certain popular movie streaming websites and torrent sharing sites as well. No doubt you were also a Netflix fan back home. Well with a VPN you can stream UK Netlix channels if you are from the UK, American channels for the American expats and so on. Yet another great reason to have yourself the best VPN Australia server.

The ISP’s (internet service providers) also are required by law to keep your personal browsing history for two years! That is longer than most expats settle in the country for! With a little help from me and this site you too will be able to find the best VPN for Australia and avoid the bureaucracy, corruption and strange fingers in your personal proverbial pie.

Be nowhere and everywhere at the same time.

By far the most important and main feature of a VPN is the ability to make your computer use Australian internet as if you are still in your home country. Or any other country for that matter. The ability to bypass these arbitrary invisible walls is a godsend to any expat who enjoys more than just beach culture and regularly embraces the digital culture of the entire world. With the list of best value VPN Australia servers can offer at your disposal, the world is your oyster. Well, the digital side of it at the very least.

Make a stand against corporations ready to put a collar on us.

I welcome you to chuckle at Telstra and its countless tentacles in every pie. Their vain efforts to corral expats and other citizens in Australia like sheep. Give them the digital equivalent of the middle finger and make a stand, don’t feed them with your personal data that they will use against you in the long run. Find the best VPN for Australia that works for you and never look back. Read your e-mail in peace and quiet with the calm understanding that you and only you are reading it. Set yourself free and get your own personal line to the world secured and uncompromised with the best VPN service Australia has to offer you.

When you read my reviews and choose one of the best VPN Australia has, know that it brings me joy and happiness, that large corporations have lost yet another free source of data they can use against people like you and me.

Below you will find my recommended VPN choices for expats living in Australia!

Sara M.

As an author of this website, I love to spend my free time writing about data security and encrypted connections. I don’t have the time to write daily. But I keep up to date with the latest tech. And I enjoy putting things to the test. My goal is to find the best technology for a secure and anonymous browsing experience. When I find something good, I write about it in an informative and entertaining way.

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