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It has been over 15 years since the smartphone became the primary mobile communication device of the masses. Nobody could have foreseen how this little device would go on to change the way we live forever. With so many features packed into a mobile package, everything as we know it became much easier. Browsing the internet, communicating, and of course, taking pictures of our most cherished moments. There was a time when this was only possible if you logged around a camera everywhere. However, the smartphone changed that thanks to the inclusion of a camera. 

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We could now take pictures of every moment we wanted to have immortalised there was no longer any need to hire a photographer or fear losing a moment simply because you didn’t take a camera along. However, a disadvantage of taking pictures with our smartphone was that we ended up running out of space pretty quickly. It does make sense that a small package would mean limited memory. This would result in us having to delete more than a few of our cherished videos and photos just to make room for new ones.

If only there was a way to keep those photos and have room for new ones without having to sit in front of a computer transferring files back and forth? If you have ever wondered about that, then you don’t have to worry anymore thanks to Photo-Stick Mobile. The aim of this article is to review the PhotoStick Mobile, its features, materials, build quality and of course, what its users think of it. Let’s begin with this Photo-Stick Mobile Review.

How it is

The Photo-Stick Mobile or photostick for iPhone or Android might appear just as a basic USB flash drive would, however, it is actually a lot more. Now, you might see it written out as photo-stick mobile, but it is essentially the same product. If you have ever had your phone full of pictures and memories crash on you then the Photo-Stick Mobile or photostick for iPhone is for you. What’s great about it is that it can be connected right to your phone. This basically means that you are able to move your photos off your phone in just minutes without having to worry about first connecting it to a computer or utilising any type of additional tools or software.

Additionally, the Photo-Stick Mobile or photostick for iPhone can seamlessly help you search for video files, documents or photos that you probably have forgotten about in the numerous folders present on your smartphone. You never know, you might actually discover a picture you have either forgotten you had or have been searching for a while. The Photo-Stick Mobile can be a wonderful way to discover some cherish yet forgotten memories.

what is photostick mobile

Storage space

Before purchasing the photostick for iPhone, you will have to think about the capacity of your intended flash drive. Given that the major reason you’re purchasing a photostick for iPhone is to save your pictures, you will want to ensure that the photostick for iPhone you purchase comes with sufficient space for all your photos. Typically, a traditional flash drive comes with quite a number of varying size options, however, the PhotoStick mobile uk comes with just 3 distinct storage options to select from. They are 8GB, 64GB and 128GB.

photostick mobile storage

The 8GB PhotoStick for iPhone is able to store about 3,500 pictures. The 64GB is the next size up and photostick for iPhone stores about 30,000 pictures. The largest size is the 128GB which is able to hold a mouth-watering 60,000 pictures. You should always consider that these estimates for photostick for iphone are based on having a uniform picture size. So, you can either store more or less than the estimated number of pictures on photostick for iPhone. For instance, if your picture sizes are smaller, you will be able to store a lot more pictures on your photostick for iPhone mobile.

That being said, every one of the three sizes of the photo-stick mobile or the photostick mobile uk provides you with ample amount of storage. You will simply just have to take into account how many pictures you capture as well as how many you intend on saving.


Style is most likely not the most important consideration people bear in mind when getting the Photo-Stick mobile. Nevertheless, it can actually be an important factor for a lot of people. Given that you are going to be looking at your PhotoStick mobile for android quite a lot and using it, it is important that you get something that has a style you can be pleased with. There are quite a couple of varying aspects when it comes to style, however, the most distinct is the colour.the photostick mobile style

When it comes to the colours offered by the-photostick mobile uk, your options are quite limited. You can get yellow, black, white and red. Other than these colour differences, they all have the same design and logo. So, the colour you select can make the difference.

How to use the PhotoStick mobile

If all of this sounds nice but you have no idea how you can transfer your photos from your android smartphone or your iPhone, this guide below the photostick-mobile-review will put you through one step at a time. Another great thing about this the photostick mobile uk or photo stick for the iPhone is that you don’t actually need any help to do it. Using the mobile photo-stick is so easy that just about anyone can use it!

It is important to know that in order to use the photo-stick for iPhone or Photo-Stick mobile, you will have to download the accompanying photo saver app. Don’t worry it’s free, all you have to do is search for ThePhoto-Stick Mobile on your Playstore if you have an Android or from the App Store if you have an to use photostick mobile

  1. Once your download is complete, insert the smaller connector of the PhotoStick mobile uk into your mobile device or phone’s charging port.
  2.  Start the application
  3. Once you are greeted with the home screen, select the ‘Backup’ option
  4. Your Photo-Stick Mobile will take some time to back up your photos. This could be anything from a couple of seconds to a few minutes depending on how many photos you are backing up into the device.
  5. Once the backup is completed, disconnect the mobile photo-stick from your phone or mobile device.
  6. That is! You are all done. Every one of your cherished memories are safely secured. Another advantage is that you should have a bit more space on your phone

The process is completely automatic, so don’t have to worry about sorting through each and every folder you aim to backup. The PhotoStick mobile for android searches your device for all types of image and video types, especially those typically stored in incorrect folders. This means it is able to find just about any file. You also don’t have to worry about it transferring duplicate files. It helps you maximise the space you have by only transferring a single copy of your files.


Benefits and advantages

  • Low-cost: With the-photostick mobile uk you simply pay once to purchase and that’s it. You don’t have to worry about paying a monthly subscription or creating any sort of account.
  • Privacy: Your media files are kept safe from any online nefarious actors
  • Easy to use: When it comes to usage, the best photo-stick for iPhone is seamless to use. There is practically no learning curve. Just plug and transfer.
  • Convenience: The photo stick for iPhone is convenient as it is a one-touch solution to saving and sorting all your pictures.
  • Compatibility: This product is compatible with a lot of common media files, so you don’t have to worry about your peculiar photo file not being supported or backed up.
  • Accessibility: The great thing about the Photo-Stick Mobile is that not only can you use it with your android device or iPhone, but you can also use it with a computer or laptop. If you happen to do quite a lot of transfers using all the device types, then the-photostick mobile uk is definitely the perfect choice for you, as it works with both mobile devices and computers.

Users’ review

If you are still unsure if the photostick mobile is for you, you simply have to check out these real-life users PhotoStick-mobile reviews. Here are a few user reviews:

“When I first purchased the PhotoStick for the iPhone, I didn’t think anything of it. I heard of someone in my circle purchasing one and I thought I’d give it a try. At first, I actually felt I would have to go into my phone and select all the files I want to transfer. This sounded like a cumbersome process, till I actually connected my Photo-Stick mobile. I was pleasantly surprised that all I really had to do was touch the “Back Up” icon on the app and all my files would be transferred without me having to do anything else. I did not expect it to be so easy and so smooth. What actually blew me away was the fact that my files were seamlessly organised on the-photostick mobile.”

-Steven L

“I love the fact that it captures the idea of ‘plug n play’. I really do not have to do anything other than download the Photo-Stick mobile app, connect the device and launch it. The mobile photo-stick helps keep my phone light without having to delete all these cherished memories”

-Kayla A

Price and money-back guarantee

Numerous PhotoStick mobile reviews will state that this product does not have much when it comes to warranties, however, it does come with a money back guarantee. The guarantee is a 20 day one and it begins the day the-photostick mobile uk is shipped. You should bear in mind that when you return thephotostick mobile uk it should be returned in like new or new condition within those 20 days. This means it has to have a manufacturing defect, be unopened or in its packaging.



The question on everyone’s mind when they hear about this product is, “does the Photo-Stick mobile really work?” Yes, it does, all you need to do is read the photo stick mobile reviews that customers have left after their purchase. It is also the reason for this PhotoStick-mobile-review, as we have highlighted all the things that make this product great. After some deliberation and considerations, it is clear to see that the mobile photo stick is a wonderful product which can help most individuals meet their photo storage needs. It is not only seamless to utilise, but it can also help organise and store every one of your cherished moments and photos.

The Photostick Mobile
10 Total Score
The Photostick mobile review 2022

The Photostick Mobile is an external USB storage for your smartphone that is able to sort photos and transfer them fast, sending over thousands of photos in a matter of minutes.

Value for money
Ease of use
  • Low-cost: With the-photostick mobile uk you simply pay once to purchase and that’s it. You don’t have to worry about paying a monthly subscription or creating any sort of account.
  • Privacy: Your media files are kept safe from any online nefarious actors
  • Easy to use: When it comes to usage, the best photo-stick for iPhone is seamless to use. There is practically no learning curve. Just plug and transfer.
  • Convenience: The photo stick for iPhone is convenient as it is a one-touch solution to saving and sorting all your pictures.
  • Replacement: The Photostick may not be able to replace the flash drive you previously used to back-up your photos.
  • Finding other pictures: Some users complain about it finding photos that were not on their devices.
  • Hard to use: Hard to get a hand on it because it is not in stock most of the time.
  • OS: The Photostick may not work to its best potential on MAC when compared to PC.

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